The famous hotel

“Imperial”. The famous history of

Currently you can find a large number of hotels that meet most customer needs. However, few of them can match the quality of service and hospitality of the estate, “Imperial”, which was visited by such personalities as Prince Paul and a famous rich family of bankers Rothschild from the Potocki family, along with politicians from the great powers václav Klaus and tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

The famous hotel was built in June of 1912 on the hill “Elenin yard.” The idea of the origin of the famous industrialist and financier Alfred Chwalba, which initially acquired a well located building site. While working on the project of French architect Ernst Hebrard, previously also took part in the construction of buildings in the Greek Thessalonica and Hanoi. Ernst relatively quickly completed the construction of very large scale, which subsequently became a landmark in the Czech Republic. One of the main materials of manufacture of the object – rare litho concrete, the technology of which is used exclusively in the construction of elite structures.

Transportation from downtown to the new hotel was experiencing some difficulties because of the difficult hilly terrain near the “Imperial”. In this regard, at the insistence of Lord Westberry with the help of local authorities it was decided to carry out the construction of the romantic hills of oslevel two funiculars, created by Alfred Valbom. Consent to the implementation of the plan gave the City Council, which saw no objective reasons for refusal. These structures were built in the tunnel to avoid having to buy residential units and demolish them.

As for the history of the building, in his part was taken by Emil Strub and other Italian experts, who in 1905 went to work. Intended location of the tunnel at the top of the road over Neosystem.

At this time, was introduced single-track siding in the middle of the road, covering 127 meters of the track. Since early spring of 1907 Carlsbad electric ropeway provided for the movement of open wagons out of wood. In summer time there were only the cable car that worked properly and without major fault up to 1955. Further it was decided to reconstruct it, replacing virtually all mechanical equipment. Metal frame in cars was replaced after 1961, after 26 years had to do major repairs in the tunnel and purchasing brand new cars. Subsequently, the funicular, the hotel “Imperial” has become an integral part of the Karlovy vary local transport that runs all day every 15 minutes.

Prior to the opening of the hotel started the operation of the rail road to the line of route, which parameters had a slope of 57 degrees and a length of 126 meters. The building was located on the surface, survived a lot of military operations during 1st and 2nd world wars. Bad technical condition of the building led to its closure in 1959.

During the Karlovy vary to Imperial guest came by the thousands, leading to the development of the state, and then international fame. Luxury accommodation in the famous resort allowed us to become comfortable with people different cohorts and social strata of society. Most attractions include the Racecourse and the territory Golf course, and tennis courts.

The first world war significantly reduced the excessive demand for the hotel, and in particular to the resorts of the Riviera, which after the end of battles has turned into the Alpine recreation center. After the great depression followed by world war II, in which victims were treated in sanatoriums of Karlovy vary. After the war the hotel was only attended by no more than 4,000 guests. Then there was a mass nationalization of health facilities.

In the early 1990s, the estate becomes the property of a joint stock company, which served as a new Chapter in the history of “Imperial”, the name of which was changed after two years. A new brand of “Imperial Karlovy vary” after the years of reconstruction in 2003, has regained all the benefits that he was famous for earlier.

It is a four-star hotel has won the international award at the World Travel Awards being the best Spa resort in the Czech Republic. Since 2007, Imperial has reconstructed the appearance of embodying themselves in all kinds of modern medical equipment and technical support, as well as a rehabilitation pool with various baths.

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