Famous socialite Paris Hilton will take part in the opening of the hotel Hilton in Ulyanovsk

At the end of this summer will open its doors Hilton Garden Inn. Its opening will come itself socialite Paris Hilton. Yesterday it was officially announced by the organizers of the opening ceremony. First the Ulyanovsk portal publishes details visit the stars in our town.

Design of engaged the English architect John Seifert (John Seifert), developed about 30 projects of Hilton worldwide. The architect proposed a hotel in the style of XIX – early XX centuries to organically fit into the historical development of Ulyanovsk. Her construction in our city started in 2010.

It is noteworthy that the heir to the family business itself will attend the opening of the hotel in our town that has become a rarity in recent times. Known for the scandalous socialite Paris Hilton for a first visit to Ulyanovsk in the last days of August. On these days of the scheduled opening of the next Ulyanovsk construction of Hilton Garden Inn.

It is known that the movement of the girls painted for almost a year in advance, and at the moment we have already approved the plan of movement of a socialite in Ulyanovsk. So, what are Paris Hilton in our city?

It is already known that the Charter flight with the star will land in Ulyanovsk on August 29, 2015 at 10 a.m. in aeroportom. Karamzin. Then accompanied by cars of traffic police she and her entourage will be delivered to the Hilton Garden Inn. Where, after a small rest go for a walk around town, accompanied by security, it is possible to visit Paris Hilton Lenin memorial or Museum of Art. It will all depend on the mood of the diva. From shopping in Ulyanovsk socialite definitely refused. Where to go? TSUM? Aquamall? “Versailles”? Organizers of star tours at once shallows of these options. At 17.00 already appointed a press-conference which will be held in the building of Hilton Garden Inn. It is known that the media accreditation will begin a month before the date of the meeting. And all journalists will have to pass a tough selection.

At 18.00, Mrs Paris Hilton with Governor of Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov has to cut the red ribbon and open the door. Immediately after that, the restaurant will begin a reception in honor of this event, which will be attended by representatives from the business and political elite of the region. Dinner goes on without the media behind closed doors. It is known that entertaining guests will be the stars of the Russian show business, but while their list of States. At approximately 22.00 – 23.00 the sky at Goncharova street will light up with a fireworks display that our city has not seen before.

Sad will be the fact that a well-known socialite will not be able to visit Ulyanovsk clubs. Her choice can only offer the “Fifth sun”, “Milk” and “Chypre”, but to produce a star, because this point Ryder will be impossible. As you know, diva loves the night life and hanging out in new clubs in various cities, and because of this, according to the organizers, you may experience problems.

Having spent the night night at the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn, socialite will leave Ulyanovsk on the morning of the same Charter flight. It is known that Paris Hilton will go to Moscow, where it plans to attend a few events.

In the hands of the journalist of the First Ulyanovsk portal got an unusual document – the rider is blonde number one, who confirms that she indeed will visit our city. At the moment, with Ulyanovsk representatives negotiated literally all the nuances.

So, in Ulyanovsk the high-ranking guest will be accompanied by her Manager, PR agent, security guard, personal hairdresser, chef, feeding her only organic foods.

Moving through the streets of Ulyanovsk granddaughter of the founder of the well-known hotel chains agree on the SUV or sedan BMW, Mercedes or eco-friendly hybrid. Auto color is definitely black. A personal driver is also attached.

Preferably in the bathroom Jacuzzi. The circle should be placed flowers and candles with the scent of lavender and vanilla. The guards can be only beautiful, muscular men who would highlight the beauty and fragility of slender American women. For Breakfast she prefers scrambled egg whites with tomatoes, hash Browns, lunch – fried chicken, corn-fed, or non-organic meat without hormones. The steak should be good to fry.

Fish like tuna and Dover sole. Need organic milk. However, like orange juice. Even painted all the additives and seasonings: ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, mustard, salt, pepper, sugar (white and brown), and more. Tea – peppermint, coffee – latte. Plus a lot of kinds of greens, entire plates. And ordered spaghetti, salads, Turkey and more. On the table must necessarily be based on a lot of publications – Life and style, US Weekly, Star, In Touch, Instyle, Vogue, Glamour, Lucky and others.

It remains a mystery as will pass the hotel on a deadline? He obviously will not take your visit to Ulyanovsk, and a Grand tour can be broken because ordinary failure of the plan.

Paris Hilton – the heiress to the family business – the world’s largest hotel chain Hilton Hotels. She became known for the reality show “the Simple life” (eng.)English. (2003-2007) (in which she played with her friend Nicole Richie) and the scandalous social life, in the media it is presented primarily as a “socialite” (eng. Socialite, It-girl) and even as the main “socialite of the planet”.

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