Unusual hotels

The most unusual hotels in the world that you can pay online by Bank card

As noted in a joint press release from the companies, travel segment in e-Commerce continues to evolve. It accounts for a substantial portion of the volume of credit card payments both in Russia and abroad.

The purpose of the ranking is to identify the most unusual Enjoy sea views from every room proposals in the segment of booking and payment of hotels that may be of interest to cardholders at the beginning of the holiday season.

Glamorous Crazy Bear’s den . When funds allow and want to strike their own imagination — go into the den. The boutique Crazy Bear is a real glamorous digs, one of a kind. This secluded luxury hideaway is situated in the oldest building of the English County of Buckinghamshire. The designers worked hard to collect within its walls is a veritable Museum of the best pieces of furniture made of precious wood and leather. Gorgeous combination of shiny dark material of walls, floor and ceiling with soft shimmer pearls and marble, shining attractive gold and Swarovski crystals, the tender embrace of silk and velvet forced to completely disconnect from reality.

Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa – the city, hovering in the air. Turkish Cappadocia is a unique mountains and underground caves of the Byzantine Empire, forming a city. Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa is otkrytiyami galleries, stylized cave bright rooms, where tourists can’t shake the feeling that they soar high in the air.

One by the Five hotel as a separate universe. In a Paris hotel One by the Five only one room – luxury apartment, designed to accommodate couples in love. On the room bothered townsendii designers, the stay in this action-Packed nest is an unforgettable gift for a loved one and guaranteed a storm of emotions.

Round-the-world journey in Fantasyland Hotel . Round the world everyone dreams, but manages to do it a little. Though as-that to compensate this injustice the creators decided that the canadian Fantasyland hotel. Under one roof there are rooms and apartments, styled as a traditional dwelling of various countries. Here is eskimo ice hut Igloo, Polynesian bed, boat and bath-cave room-a car, a cowboy room, a sumptuous Arabian pavilion, sports room, African Safari tent room and even the beach.

The hotel – Museum art Hotel Atelier sul Mare . 20 out of 40 rooms of this unusual Sicilian hotel turned into a mini-Museum rooms. To create these stylish interiors were invited famous designers from around the world. The most difficult task of the guest to choose the room according to their own notions of the beautiful. The rooms have poetic names: “Nest”, “the Vanishing line”, “Paper boat”, “Trinacria”, “Lunar” and others. If it is difficult to choose – you can take a standard room, the designers and not paid attention to.

Wild life in the Verana hotel . Mexican hotel Verana is a real mystery. Here, it is very difficult to determine you inside the hotel or outside. The extensive grounds covered with lush tropical greenery and exotic flowers, offers 8 bungalows and apartments, the walls of which are only a little cover from prying eyes the bedroom. Everything else personal space is open with a spacious terrace with sun loungers, swimming pool, dining area and living room are located on a mountain slope, which guarantees unmatched vast panorama of wherever you glanced. This is a unique place where to understand all the charm of intimacy, you start to appreciate it and enjoy it.

Music the Franklin Hotel Rome . For those who can’t stand silence, considers himself a creative person and want to surround yourself with like-minded, opened in Rome hotel Franklin. Reception in the lobby is a huge real drum. The client may choose a favorite style of music – jazz, rock, Blues, pop, Saul – him with the key will give a selection of CDs of such music. The stylish rooms — progressive music equipment and full soundproofing. It offers the most amazing tours around Rome and book tickets for all musical events of the Italian capital. In the garden or in the living room, guests will always find someone to talk about your favorite music – the owner is a musician himself.

Geodetic boutique hotel Whitepod . High-tech eco-camp Whitepod is located in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of 1700 m. This 15 dazzling white, as if created out of snow spherical structures, built around a Central Chalet. It is hard to imagine more natural to the surrounding landscape and more comfortable for ski enthusiasts the spot. Beneath each of the domes offers cozy apartments with a fireplace and stylish traditional elements. The complex has a restaurant with organic food and a spa-center.

The hotel “Fallen angel” . “Fallen angel” in the British Durham – hotel-travel. Guests can take a romantic voyage in the Express train last century or cruise, to settle in a passionate purple boudoir, new York Studio, in a house on the French Riviera film set in sci-Fi movie, in this cinema hall or in luxury white room “Russian bride”. This extraordinary hotel is often a host for a memorable wedding ceremony.

Fabulous town Rogner Bad Blumau . Austrian spa resort Rogner Bad Blumau is situated 130 km from Vienna and seems to have arisen here by itself as a natural complement to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The bold architectural design has combined rooms and apartments under one roof gingerbread-caramel-building-arcade. The spacious rooms offer a fabulous view, contact with reality is gradually lost, and the soul dwells a sense of celebration. Not to give this joy to leave guests in the hotel there are two spa-complex with an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and a salt cave.

“In our sample, we have included the most unusual hotels. But it is worth noting that not all users of Bank cards are looking for exotic hotels or travel. Many are interested in a family holiday or sanatorium treatment. But what would the rest have not rather the holder of a credit card, it’s safe to say that to pay for a hotel over the Internet credit card will be simple and fast.”

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