Top-5 hotels from famous movies

Would you like to visit the hotel where they filmed your favorite movie? It’s real! Of course, films are often decorations. For example, the hotel “Grand Budapest” in the recent movie of Wes Anderson actually there and we see only the layouts of hotels in Gellert in Budapest and the Bristol Palace in Karlovy vary. But most of the hotels shown in the movie is absolutely real and here you can book a room, feeling like a Hollywood star.

1. Beverly Wilshire Hotel

The famous hotel, located on the Eastern side of the southern part of Rodeo Drive in Beverly hills. It is here that time Edward and Vivian, the main characters of “Beauty”. Only relax in a luxurious Suite, how the characters of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, alas, will not work, because it does not exist, it was just the scenery, built in the lobby. Even within the walls of this elegant hotel filmed the drama on Entourage HBO’s. And here are always happy to take somebody from stars. At different times, stayed here, and sometimes long lived, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Elton John, Barack Obama and even the Dalai Lama. So don’t be surprised if you meet someone from their idols in the lobby.

To spend the night in a place you smolewska just booking a room . the cheapest will cost 360$.

2. Hotel del Coronado

Located on the Pacific ocean in Coronado, California, this hotel from the very beginning of its Foundation was a favorite vacation spot of stars of the first magnitude. Stayed here Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable, Mae West and Errol Flynn. Loved spending time here and American presidents: Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, bill Clinton, George Bush the elder and George W. Bush, Barack Obama and others. Here Frank Baum wrote “the land of Oz,” and the Prince of Wales Edward VIII met the American Wallis Simpson, for their marriage which later refused the throne. It is in this hotel where they film beloved by millions the film “In a jazz only girls”, then Marilyn Monroe in the role of darling, sang his famous “I wanna be loved by you”, and Jack Lemmon danced the tango with her elderly admirer. However, according to the script, the film was set in the fictional hotel “Seminole Ritz”, located not in California, but in Miami.

The price of the most affordable rooms – 340$ .

3. The Savoy Hotel

Elegant five-star hotel on the banks of the Thames with rooms in Edwardian and art Deco took such notable guests as George Bernard Shaw, Claude Monet, Frank Sinatra, Edward VII, Enrico Caruso, Charlie Chaplin, Harry Truman, Laurence Olivier, Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Louis Armstrong, Marlon Brando, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, U2, Led Zeppelin, The Who, George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen fry. This luxurious hotel is often used as a place of filming movies and clips. Was here filming “the French Lieutenant’s Woman” with Meryl Streep and Jeremy irons and “the Trap with Sean Connery and Catherine-Zeta Jones, the video for the song “Girl Panic!” of Duran Duran. And yet, in one of the halls “Savoy” William, the hero of the film “Notting hill”, proposed to Anna during the press conference.

4. Timberline Lodge

Built in the distant 30-ies of the last century, the hotel at a ski resort in Oregon does not get tired to host crowds of tourists. And all because his facade was used in the film by Stanley Kubrick “the Shining”. They say the owner of Timberline Lodge convinced the Director to change the room number from 217 (as it was in the book by Stephen king) to non-existent in the hotel room 237. The businessman was worried that guests would not want to live in “terrible” the room after the film, and hardly anyone from reading the novel will accuse him of being a superstitious. But it was the opposite, so far from wishing to stay in room 217 no end.

5. The Plaza Hotel

Perhaps the most recognizable hotel in the world. This five-star hotel, one of the oldest in new York has a rich history. In her garden events unfolded in one of the episodes “the Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and in the book series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” by Rick Riordan “Plaza” appears as the headquarters of the demigods. No less colorful and the story hotel. He made his debut in 1959 in the film “North by Northwest” and with the light hand of Alfred Hitchcock hotel has brought the most glory. Later it worked on the Comedy “They all laughed” with Audrey Hepburn and “Crocodile Dundee”, “Family man” with Nicolas Kagem and “spider-Man”. And probably each of us every winter will admire this wonderful hotel in the movie “home Alone: Lost in new York”. It is here that the hero of Macaulay Kalkin was trying to live for free. In addition, in the favorite Christmas story was filmed, even the owner of the Plaza, Donald trump!

Top-5 hotels from famous movies
Would you like to visit the hotel where they filmed your favorite movie? It's real! Of course, films are often decorations. For example, the hotel "Grand Budapest" in the recent…

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