The restaurant of the hotel “Costes” in Paris

Going to Paris on business or to spend a weekend, to wander through the museums, as well as to buy new items from collections of clothing and accessories created by celebrated fashion designers. And in the capital of France come to enjoy the excellent cuisine.

One of the most fashionable restaurants in Paris is near the Concorde (Place de la Concorde) and close to the Champs Elysees (Champs-Élysées). The restaurant “Costes” (the correct pronunciation is “hotel cost”) you can find very famous politicians and businessmen, supermodels, movie stars and show business. They all come here to enjoy dishes from the menu of the chef of the restaurant Kolya Didier (Didier Coly).

But to get to this restaurant should definitely book a table in advance, and this rule applies to all, both for celebrities and for ordinary palates. Here all is thought over to trifles and works on the image of the institution.

In the design of the interior design of the hotel combine the luxury of the Baroque and the avant-garde asceticism, and sounding the background music has already been recorded on a CD and successfully sold in many countries of the world. Discs “Costes” is a compilation in the lounge style, created by DJ resident Stephen Panonija.

It creates a special atmosphere, thanks to kotorosol and restaurant are very popular among the rich and famous.

Charming and gallant Didier Coly originating from the region of Bordeaux, the Mecca of world gastronomy. He works in the hotel belonging to the brethren coast, since 1999. Mr. Coley almost thirty years of experience in the restaurant business. However, work in the “Costes” he believes that the main achievement in career.

So, what is served at “Costes”? First of all, the dishes in which is expressed the culinary style of Didier Coly, i.e. it offers classic French cuisine with bright exotic accents. Everyone knows signature French dish foie Gras, but only Didier Coly will prepare the Escalope of foie Gras with Thai mango and you forever will fall in love with the unusual taste of this dish.

Among the snacks on offer spring rolls with chicken on a lettuce with mint and spicy sauce, Tartar of sea bass with ginger and Tartar of tuna with guacamole. Among the main dishes – so familiar to all Europeans pasta. However, Rigatoni is served with delicate Morel sauce, and spaghetti with lobster accompanied by ginger-tomato sauce.

The desserts need a special mention. They again feel the influence of the East, for example, the menu are mango Soup with coconut milk and Tartarate with lemon Yuzu and raspberries. Who prefer the classic French-Italian cuisine, usually ordered Crème caramel or Panna cotta with blueberries.

The hotel also houses a bar, shop, fitness centre and swimming pool.

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