The mysterious visit of the wine cellars at hotel De Paris

The legendary Hôtel de Paris located in the heart of Monte-Carlo, welcomes guests to the Principality to visit their mysterious wine cellar. Excavated in 1874 in the rock world’s biggest private wine cellar in the hotel contain priceless treasures. Here, at a depth of 13 meters and at a constant humidity of 75-80%, specifically maintained temperature of 12-14C, 350 thousand wine bottles are kept under the close supervision of a professional team of ten people. On the large wooden shelves stores prestigious wines from all regions of France and from abroad. On an area of about 1500 m2, (i.e. more than 1 kilometers wine boxes) Packed in special boxes bottles are sorted by vintage categories. Labels indicate wine “in circulation”, that is, those who offer to the table in the hotels and restaurants.

The wine cellar at hotel de Paris have a long history. Initially it was a small room in which were stored several barrels of wine. Long wine exported to this region in barrels from Bordeaux, Marseille and nice, after which the workers of the cellars poured it into the bottle. In connection with the opening of the hotel in 1864, Marie Blanc, (the wife of the founder of the “Société des Bains de Mer”) demanded that the wine cellar was completely renovated. A year and a half of hard work, hundreds of workers, the wine cellar impressive size have been completed in accordance with the project of Parisian architect.

In winnipegbased hotel de Paris are stored only the most prestigious wines from around the world. To store them here optimal conditions. Pivotal temperature, humidity, bottle position and the special wooden shelving. Here you can see such famous wines as Lafite, Rothschild, Pétrus, Chaval Blanc, the famous wine regions of champagne, Provence, the Loire valley, as well as more than 200 types of Italian wines.

The legendary cellars of the hotel de Paris and keep such vintage bottles of wine, like Château Bel Air Marquis d Aligre 1850, Château Gruaud Larose 1865, 1890, Château d’yquem and many others. The oldest bottle on today Margaux, château Marquis d Aligre 1835. A bottle of one of the most prestigious red wines of harvest 1999 “Le Chateau le Pin” is estimated at several thousand euros. Every year the value and quality of this noble drink will only increase.

The General overseer of a wine cellar and his team regularly meet with the leading wine producers to thoroughly examine their work and taste their products. As one of the main advisers to the customers on choosing wine, they are in continuous search of new flavor combinations. The success of the wine cellars at hotel de Paris is the respect for the ancient traditions of production and storage of wine, the constant maintaining of close ties with restaurants and retail outlets, as well as a clear realization that the wealth they have today is the result of painstaking work of previous and subsequent generations.

A professional sommelier Patrice Frank, with great pleasure will take you through the historic cellars and tell you about the priceless wealth that is stored in them. Last first-class Rugby player, a native of Cognac, Patrice Frank for over 13 years watching the happy faces of their guests, enjoying a wine recommended by them. Walking through the wine caves and admiring their wealth, remember that wine is just a drink to complement your dinner, sometimes a glass of good wine comparable with the unattainable dream.

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