The most unusual hotels in the world

The hotel business is quite developed today and surprise luxurious room, comfortable or high-quality…

The hotel business is quite developed today and surprise luxurious room, comfortable or high-quality customer service is becoming increasingly difficult. To attract tourists, hoteliers approach their business more creative.

Unique hotel JulesUndersea underwater Lodge located in Florida, in a former research laboratory. The hotel is located 6 meters under the water. Tourists can see the passing marine life: barracudas, groupers, angelfish.

Malmaison Hotel, Oxford, England – the former famous prison. In its room-equipped luxury hotel with over 100 comfortable rooms and several bars. Romance of Alcatraz and the Castle of Ia is present everywhere in this hotel.

SantAngelo Luxury Resot – an unusual hotel in Italy, in Matera. Guests live in caves, like their distant ancestors another 9 thousand years ago. Former stables, workshops, repair carved into the rock that serve as guest rooms, restaurants and bars.

Cruise ships allow you to travel with all the comfort without leaving the cabin, few were surprised, but the hotel-train, each car of which is decorated differently, attracts tourists.

The hotel is Bozeman Chico Hot Springs Lodge attracts lyubitelynitsa the fact that it was haunted. Photo of a Ghost photographed in this hotel with pleasure show it to everyone.

The Bradford Old Windmill hotel is located in the mill, but it is also of interest and his terrible history. In the walls of the building killed the family of the former owner, and this fact also attracts visitors from different corners of the world.

The Creek n Crag’s . consists of only two rooms. But to go to them, have a rope ladder to climb to a height of 15 meters. Walls made out of bamboo, otherwise all the usual amenities are present: TV, Jacuzzi and large bed.

Das Park Hotel in Austria. The hotel is presented in the form of concrete pipes, with a diameter of approximately 2 meters and a height of 2.5 meters. The rooms are equipped prikrovatnye lamps, mattresses, blankets and sleeping bags. All rooms have a door and window. The price is determined by the visitors.

The Hoopoe Yurt Hotel in Spain, in Andalusia. Among olive trees, lies a tiny Yurt this is the hotel. Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers, listening to the sonorous singing of birds, walk on the endless fields of olive and spacious gardens.

Ice hotel, Iglu Dorf is located in the ski resorts of the Alps and Pyrenees. It is ideal for ski lovers. A standard needle designed for a group of 6 people and romantic igloos for couples, for two.

The most unusual hotels on the planet
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The most unusual hotels in the world
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