The most luxurious hotels in the world

A rough list of the regions in which are concentrated the most luxurious hotels in the world – is a middle Eastern oil Kingdom, the oldest European resorts and Islands in tropical seas.

Ten years ago the price per room was $ 1,000. And it was considered the ultimate luxury. Now this price will put the hotel on the last place in the ranking of expensive. The cheapest rooms at these hotels are $ 500 a day, and the cost of the most expensive rooms equals to the price of a new SUV.

The most luxurious hotel in the world: Burj Al Arab

The most expensive hotel, immediately after the opening in 1999, became the Burj Al Arab, located in Dubai. Now, the minimum price for a room in this hotel amounts to 1000 euros per day. Standard room of Burj Al Arab has two floors. Royal Suite is the most expensive.

And this room has brought the hotel the title of the most luxurious hotel on the planet. One night in this room is 28,000 dollars.

The Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas

Bahamas is a resort designed for billionaires. On these Islands is the Atlantis, which has long been considered the most expensive. His room Bridge Suite includes ten rooms, it is decorated in mahogany and gold.

The cost of this room per day is 25 000 dollars. And apart from its beautiful decoration, this room offers the services of a Maitre d’.

Swiss hotel President Wilson Hotel

Switzerland – the country that has the safest banks in the world and also one of the most luxurious hotels. President Wilson Hotel located in Geneva, his Imperial apartments will cost 23,000 dollars.

The most frequent guests of this hotel – the presidents of the countries of the world.

The hotel Martinez in Cannes

Cannes, which are famous as the first capital of the côte d’azur, also offer expensive accommodation. Most luxurious hotel among the resorts of Europe – Martinez. Martinez is located on the Croisette.

The price for the Presidential Suite here more than 18 000 dollars. And, of course, that the price includes a beautiful view of the Bay.

The Plaza Hotel New York

In new York is a hotel Plaza, which is famous for its Presidential Suite, located on the 18th floor. The room price is 15 000$, but if you compare this price with other hotels, it is not too high.

One of the special services room is a bar with a wine collection of 2 000 brands. However, this bar is available to guests for an additional fee.

Westin Excelsior in Rome

Westin Excelsior: this luxury hotel is located in Rome. On the last two floors of the hotel, a room Villa la Cupola, which remains the most expensive among the hotels of European capitals. The main components of this room are the frescos, the Royal luxury and its own cinema.

This room is notable for the fact that the genius of Fellini chose it as the scenery for their movies.

The most luxurious hotels in the biggest cities, which on average are not less than 7,5 thousand dollars a day, are: Regent Beverly Wilshire (Los Angeles). Hotel Meurice (Paris) with room Belle Etoile Suite, Ciragan Palace (Istanbul) by Sultan room, the Fairmont (San Francisco) with its penthouses.

Unique offer from Hugh Hefner

But the most unique offer in the most luxurious hotels in the world is a sky Villa, which belongs to founder of the magazine “Playboy” Hugh Hefner. It is located on the 34th floor of a skyscraper Fantasy Tower, which is located in Las Vegas.

For apartments the Creator of the most famous men of the planet were at your disposal at least for the night, you will have to pay 40 000 dollars.

The time and industry of the hotel business is not standing still. And the list of the most luxurious hotels in the world, it will surely continue to grow every year up until such a luxury nowadays there is a demand. And it only increases with time.

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