The most famous hotel of Berlin celebrates centenary

Hotel a hundred years ago

On October 23, the most famous Berlin hotel “Adlon” – is celebrating its centenary. The hotel is located in the heart of the German capital, on the famous main street Unter den Linden. View from most rooms of the hotel opens directly onto the Brandenburg gate. In addition to a convenient location, the hotel boasts its fascinating history.

The discreet charm of

On October 23, 1907. Heart of Berlin: Unter den Linden, Pariser Platz. At exactly eleven o’clock on the street accompanied by a numerous retinue appear on the Kaiser Wilhelm the Second. That is, public ceremony, or maybe the visit of a senior foreign guest? And not the other. His Imperial Majesty arrived at the opening of a new hotel. The owner of a luxury building Lorenz Adlon personally conducts crowned lady inside and proudly demonstrates the latest achievements of the hotel and construction business. And the view really was something.

For the early twentieth century the hotel was equipped with the latest technology: the electrification of all rooms, 110 bathrooms. Interestingly, the biggest impression on the Kaiser made understated sign with the hotel name, the width of the palm. According to the Director of Adlon Percy, his ancestor Lorenz was a typical representative of a certain categoriality – founders of famous companies. These include, for example, U.S. oil magnates, newspaper publishers or owners of the Railways. In most cases, come from poor family. They were made by ourselves, relying solely on their own strength and experience.

The shelter for the guests of the Kaiser

Indeed, Lorenz Adlon was born in the family of a shoemaker. In his youth he mastered the craft of the furniture maker, but soon engaged in the gastronomy. Catering business, that is what today like to call with Kathy, became for him a real “gold mine”. In Berlin he managed to meet the Kaiser himself. Adlon has long had the idea to open their own modern hotel, the most expensive category. The lack of such hotels in Berlin haunted and Wilhelm. Because the guests Kaiser had to settle for a bad old-fashioned heating chambers of the Palace. So Adlon with his plans in the literal and figurative sense, came to the court. And the place he has chosen is quite right – the center of Berlin at the Platz Pariser. However, there already stood the Palace, built by the famous Prussian architect and city planner Karl Friedrich Schinkel. But it did not become a hindrance to Adana Palace simply demolished:

Among the guests was Thomas Mann

“Adlon relied on powerful support from the Kaiser. To demolish the Palace – a monument of architecture – and in those days it was not easy. When the project of the construction the hotel became known to the General public, a scandal broke out. It looked as if today in the historic centre of the city built a high-rise building,” says Percy Adlon.

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