The most expensive of the world

One of the determining factors when booking a room in the hotel or the hotel is for most people the price. The room rate is determined by the conditions of accommodation, service, location (e.g. proximity to the city centre or to the sea) and many other factors. Also important is the prestige of the hotel, visiting him at various times famous artists or politicians.

Cost has long been far ahead of all the famous hotels of the center of gaming entertainment Las Vegas. But among them there is a champion – a stay at the Mansion. The cheapest room is about $5000 per night. A joke for the guests notice that this amount does not include the cost of Breakfast. However, the latter is not very confusing for guests and they are willing to pay that kind of money for accommodation. And with Breakfast they will sort it out.

1. Hotel The Mansion at MGM Grand . also located in Las Vegas. The cheapest room for humble servants or seconded, costs $5000. The most expensive chetyrehkomnatnuyu – $15000. And again in these prices does not include cost of Breakfast, only the room. And the lack of star guests, this hotel does not feel. Especially love Bruce Willis and Oprah Winfrey. In the hotel the Mansion at MGM Grand all the items of interior decoration, handmade from bronze and crystal door handles to window glasses. The predominant design style of Italy of the eighteenth century. In the rooms hung 800 priceless works of Pablo Picasso. Inside at constant temperature of 22°C, and the wait staff is ready to fulfill every whim of a client at any time of the day.

2. The North Island hotel in Seychelles (the Seychelles). The minimum price for a house on the island-the hotel – $3000. The most expensive Villa of three rooms in the most quiet corner on a lonely beach costs $5600. The hotel has been serving customers on the system “all inclusive”, familiar to Russians on Turkish hotels. However, as you can see, in the Seychelles, the prices are a little higher, and expensive brands of champagne and exclusive cocktails as well as in Turkey, will have to pay separately. In the North Island often see Pierce Brosnan and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The hotel is a Prime model of the island of Robinson Kruse.

3. The Hotel Fregate Island . also located on the gorgeous Seychelles Islands, a little cheaper. Villas in this hotel are from $2700. Here already the price includes accommodation and full Board. Once at Fregate Island loved to rest, brad pitt and Jennifer aniston. Often flew here and Claudia Schiffer. On the island is everything you need for the best holiday of rich people. A separate area reserved for children, where they are entertained by nannies and animators.

4. The Hotel Singita . The Kruger national Park in South Africa. To stay at eco-hotel Singita is worth $2000. The price includes everything except champagne. Here comes often the golfer tiger woods. Around the luxury hotel is well suited for Safari. The building itself is stylish, yet minimalistic. But you can sleep inside the rooms and on the balconies and terraces. A night under the stars – dream about it even stars of show business and sports.

5. Hotel Le Toiny . the island of Saint-barthélemy in the Caribbean. Two-room apartment costs $2000 per night two bedroom – $3000. In addition to the price included only Breakfast. Celebrity, here you can meet Halle berry. It is interesting that Le Toiny is considered only as a four-star hotel. The houses look like huts on the plantations and very comfortable. Deserves a special compliment to the local cuisine.

6. The hotel Wakaya Club in Fiji. Rooms cost from $2000. Prices on a huge Villa with three rooms go up to $6000. Reservations can be made at least five days. At Wakaya Club rested Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Michelle Pfeiffer. On site a total of nine cottages, most of which have no TVs. But there is a book for a cultural relaxing leisure activities. On site you can play Golf or tennis, scuba dive or simply bask on the incredibly white sand. The restaurant is situated outdoors in a palm grove. Celine Dion, who spent Wakaya Club honeymoon in 1994, says he was ready to cry when packing suitcases, preparing to leave this Paradise.

7. The Hotel Turtle Island . Fiji. Rooms cost from $1900 to $2200, services on all inclusive. Usually celebrity couples come here and see Tom cruise with Penelope Cruz, and Britney Spears with Kevin much more. The shores of Turtle Island wants to get in personal use every Hollywood Director making films about beaches and palm trees.

8. The Hotel Huka Lodge . North Island, New Zealand. To spend a night in this hotel costs $1500. The price includes half-Board, and cocktails. Senior tourists visited the Queen of England and Prince Phillip, dick Cheney and Michael Douglas. Huka Lodge is a Paradise for hunting, shooting and fishing. Rumor has it that even the Queen mother was fishing at Huka Lodge from the balcony of your room.

9. Hotel Burj Al Arab . Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Simple double room in this hotel of Dubai is worth $1400. Royal Suite costs almost $7000. The price includes accommodation only. The breakfasts are paid separately and cost from $50 and above. At the Burj Al Arab was resting, probably all celebrities of the world: and David Beckham with Victoria, and Angelina Jolie with brad pitt. Spent the night here and policies: for example, bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela. Burj Al Arab was the first bright and impressive skyscraper in the City of the Future, which is now so actively is under construction in Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab hotel is 280 metres from the coast, and is located on a specially created artificial island. Height of is 323 meters. This hotel does not have ordinary rooms, the whole area is divided into 202 duplex suites. The area of such apartments range from 170 to 780 square meters.

This hotel looks great even against the most expensive hotels in the world. Luxury, convenience, comfort, service – all at maximum level. Critics jokingly rate the hotel as a seven-star hotel (the maximum possible score is 5 stars) to show that Burj al Arab is head and shoulders above even the most expensive hotels on the planet.The special feature of each room is a window in the wall through which a beautiful view of the sea.

10. Hotel Little Palm Island . Florida. Rooms start at $1400. Meals are paid separately and are not cheap. For example, coffee costs $7 (almost, in the fine dining restaurant of Moscow). However, this does not bother the level stars Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz. This palm oasis Paradise for hippies. All 30 bungalows on the island there is no TV or alarm clock.

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