The most exclusive and ecological of the world


Unmatched atmosphere at Aria conquered many vacationers are music lovers. In the design of used various genres of music that can be heard on a particular floor. Upon arrival, the guests are wondering what kind of music they prefer: jazz, classical, Opera, or modern.

Each floor has a music of its sound. The rooms have a complete collection of the chosen direction. It is worth mentioning that the creation of the interior put his talented hands to such designers as Carmellini and Magnoli.

The most environmentally friendly

Hotels Ufa . as hotels of other cities do not pursue environmentally friendly activities, and direct their efforts primarily to make the stay of its guest comfortable. But where there is rainforest – you can take the friendliness as priority.

Deep in the ancient rainforest, filled with wonderful sounds that are able to cast a spell day and night, to scare, to be sheltered from civilization, the hotel complex consists of 15 villas. The hotel “Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa” is fully consistent with all environmental standards and marked by such organizations as the world conservation Union, the UN, international Association of ecotourism and others.

For energy production, tilisolol solar panels. To ensure the kitchen products, has its own private organic farm. The hotel won several awards and attracts a lot of tourists.

Private hotels Bulgaria

Each resort has a small mini-hotels and pensions that offer a homely atmosphere and inexpensive cost. If the hotels are far from the resort areas, such as of Salavat in the facilities and rooms are more modest. But if the hotel is located on the Black sea – then due to a large influx of visitors – the owner will be able to offer good service.

Most of these hotels have few rooms to spread out, so you can enjoy the silence and hospitality of the Bulgarian masters. When such housing is necessary to pay attention to the bathroom, which most often is one at all. The kitchen also is a public place where you’ll be able to prepare their own lunch.

The standard of accommodation in these guest houses are often family-run 3 star and the cost is much lower. In many hostels you can order Breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will carefully prepare the woman of the house. This kitchen has a home taste and the price would be much more economical of food in the restaurant.

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