The famous hotel in Spain

The Ritz in Madrid is one of the symbols of a bygone era, the hotel still retains the atmosphere of elegant luxury, Royal gloss, and become, in General, everything, than is famous for the capital of Spain in the past century.

The Ritz in Madrid is not only one of the most famous and renowned hotels in Spain, but also one of the oldest. In 2010, Ritz Madrid celebrated its centenary.

October 2, 1910 the hotel was opened by king Alfonso XIII. Immediately after the opening of the Madrid newspaper dubbed him “the most stately and quiet building of the city”. Of course, different and could not be. Because the hotel was built on the Royal money the most famous European hotel and the developer – Caesar Ritz, who by that time had already become famous thanks to the opening of the hotel Ritz in Paris.

Ritz Madrid is located close to the famous gardens of Madrid Park Buen Retiro (Retiro de Madrid) and the Botanical gardens, in the heart of Madrid, in the Plaza of the case Lealtad (Plaza de la Lealtad). As befits the most famous hotel of Spain, the neighbors Ritz Madrid match him in status. These are two “peaks” Madrid’s famous art triangle: the art gallery, the Prado and the Thyssen-Bornemisza (Thyssen-Bornemisza).

Ritz Madrid is not only the location. He’s one of the few hotels that still tries to resist the onslaught of time and allows you to change your interiors favor modern fashion. Handmade carpets, woven fabric, a marble bath, views of the Prado and the famous gardens of Madrid – luxury Ritz Madrid remains a classic, she’s not calm, and charms.

A number of celebrities and royalty who have visited the hotel Ritz Madrid is incalculable. If you begin to list their names, you get a very impressive list of the persons, by which to read all Spanish history are often contradictory. In 1926 the rooms in Ritz Madrid hooligans and shocked the audience with Salvador Dali. And in 1975 there gathered a host of high personages who came to the funeral, the dictator of Spain, Franco. Ernest Hemingway, Ava Gardner, Madonna – all of them stayed here.

It should be noted that in modern history Ritz Madrid is not lost. In 1999, the authoritative publication Travel & Leisure named the hotel among 10 best hotels in the world. Today the hotel belongs to a network of luxury historic hotels Orient-Express. He is also a member of network world’s best hotels The Leading Hotels of The World.

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