The famous hotel

Some have never heard the names of Burj Al Arab, but everyone knows that this hotel sail UAE — one of the highest buildings in Dubai, made in the form of a sail. Located on an artificial island off the coast, the Burj Al Arab for a short time managed to become a true attraction for Dubai tourists converge on the coast to have at least a glimpse of the miracle of modern architecture. Here only to estimate all advantages of the Burj Al Arab can only those who dare to stay in this hotel.

At the Burj Al Arab from the airport delivers guests a Shuttle service. Thus, it is possible to drive in a normal car, and rolls Royce. If the guest is afraid for own safety, the Burj Al Arab hotel can provide even a private helicopter — all for the rich and famous felt really comfortable. On arrival at Burj Al Arab guest immediately spend one luxurious two-storey rooms (the hotel is not there) where there will be the registration procedure. In this case, the room will be waiting for guest at any time of the day at the Burj Al Arab inhabit immediately, regardless of time of arrival.

All further questions, the guest will be able to decide on a private reception on each floor, sits administrator, which is ready at any time to help solve lumigrowl. Also on each floor of the Burj Al Arab has a skilled Butler and a staff of maids, to keep order in the luxurious rooms and make the guest feel guests feel comfortable. It was the Butler, by the way, can bring guests any dish from local restaurants, arrange taxis, and performs all the tasks necessary for a truly peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Of course, at the disposal of the Burj Al Arab hotel has its own private beach, where every morning, specially trained people make the cleaning of the coastal zone — the sand here is so clean, like on the beach thing never happens people. If you don’t want to swim in salt water, the Burj Al Arab hotel also has four lovely swimming pools both outdoors and indoors. And, of course, we cannot forget the gorgeous Spa, where guests can enjoy Wellness treatments in the treatment rooms of luxury class.

On the territory of Burj Al Arab has well-equipped conference rooms and Banquet facilities so that business travellers will be able not only to continue the usual work on a business trip, but also take advantage of the hotel possibilities for the organization of luxury presentation to a large audience. If the guest arrives at the hotel with family, children will surely enjoy the private Wild Wadi water Park, special kids club, where the best animators and nannies throughout Dubai. Burj Al Arab any person can find everything he needs on vacation or on a business trip.

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