The best of the best

Today’s story is about the hotel chain, where guests never say no. W Hotels is the 54 most stylish hotels in the world. Each of these hotel complexes spent an incredible amount – invited the most famous designers, uses only the most advanced materials and technology, it employs famous chefs.

Program Whatever/Whenever, which you can use in any of the hotels that allows guests to realize his wish, no matter how insane, original and daring it was. The W hotels not even assigned to “stardom” – it’s just another dimension of service and comfort.

The chain of W hotels is though not the only, but the most elegant property of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. W hotels are located in all major American, European and Asian megacities like Los Angeles. San Francisco, CA. Washington. New York. Boston. Chicago. Atlanta. Hong Kong. Seoul. Paris. Athens. Barcelona. London. Istanbul and Saint Petersburg. and, in contrast – in the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth – Bali. Maldives. in the Moroccan desert and the secluded Islands of Samsagitarias. Each hotel is unique; the interior must use elements of local culture and art, the design of the rooms varies as often as possible – as the invention of the science of new materials. At W, there is nothing standard: furniture, fragrances and even melodies – all original, created specifically for the hotel or the rooms. Management is constantly working on finding new ways to meet clients ‘ needs – depending on the time of year, in hotels, there are a variety of special programs and proposals. All W hotels have also networked spa-Bliss centers, fitness centers and SWEAT shops unique W.

The first W hotel appeared in new York in 1998. Its popularity has stimulated the development of a network of shops, restaurants and business centers around. No other hotel chain can boast such rapid growth and expansion during this period. As for the guests, the emphasis is on the consistent audience, those who can appreciate the level of comfort and style in the rooms.

Celebrities love to visit W hotels the weekend and unwind after a tiring tour, to organize parties, banquets and gala dinners. For businessmen W hotels offer conference rooms with the most progressive of the existing equipment as well as provide support for any events. In addition, the W hotels are always different discounts, all guests will receive gifts and bonuses. For example, in “a Warming winter offer for two” from W New York (from $329/night for a double room, the offer is valid until March 30) included daily Breakfast in the room, exclusive cosmetics, signature cocktails and a cable television package – everything you need to survive the cold new York winter. The hotel is located at the intersection of 49 street and Lexington Avenue a in the heart – walk away from the most famous new York museums, business, shopping and entertainment centers. Now in new York 5 W hotels, the opening of the sixth is scheduled for may 4 this year.

Located on a private island in the Indian ocean, W Retreat & Spa – Maldives is “flirting style with the soul of everyone who is on the white coast of Fesdu”.

Here you can enjoy snorkeling, Windsurfing, yoga, study of the inhabitants of the coral reefs in the company of a professional biologist, to ride on a completely transparent kayak, fly kites, go fishing and drawing. Most of the rooms is a luxurious Bungalow standing separately from each other on platforms in the ocean while having a minimal number of walls and maximum open space, equipped with a glass floor with illumination, allowing to observe the sea life below, even at night.

The majority of visitors who visited at least once in the hotel chain W, agree that there is nothing similar in the world simply does not exist. It is comfort and service at their most pure and exclusive sense. Policy W hotels aims to completely rid the guests from the idea of how much it will cost. Maybe that’s why W hotels are never empty – including the most expensive rooms and apartments.

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