Sanatorium Dvorak


In the heart of the Spa town Karlovy vary. on Tepla river Bank, close to Karlovy vary’s Colonnades Vridelni, is one of the respectable sanatoriums of Karlovy vary – health Resort DVORAK.

Sanatorium “Dvorak” offers a very good service, one of the best in Karlovy vary, because management is carried out under Austrian leadership.

DVOŘÁK 4* belongs to the Austrian hotel chain “Vienna International” and is the only health resort of Karlovy vary. which provides a unique Spa therapy that was developed by famous Austrian physician Franz Myra.

Their furnished balconies or terraces guests can enjoy views of Karlovy vary. the city finally hook up to Evesham to a Central place in the resort life in Central Europe.

Currently the hotel DVORAK renovated and has a very respectable appearance and the most modern equipment.

Elegant facades in art Nouveau style decorate (6). six of the buildings. hotel complex sounding names which have a glorious history.

In them there is a modern Spa hotel, the heart of which are medical and health Department and Wellness center.

In the sanatorium DVORAK offers comprehensive service 365 days a year, and all procedures are performed on site.

Here in carlsbad from the ground, from a depth of over 2 km, the surface are 12 mineral springs with water temperature between 41 and 73 degrees Celsius – the main treasure of the resort with centuries-old traditions, which for nearly 600 years, the prosperity of this place.

Is and exclusive location on the teplá river, near the Spa pavilion and colonnades with mineral springs, which makes the Spa hotel dvořák is a great place for recreational holidays.

The city has preserved the atmosphere and architectural decoration of the times when carlsbad was called the salon of Europe and on its streets walked Prussian king Friedrich I and the Empress Maria Theresa and many other Royal courts of Europe.

Monuments, memorial plaques and annual festivals will remind You that in the history of one of the best health resorts in Europe, there was a time when the streets of the city seen by Schiller, Brahms, Liszt, Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Bach, Mozart, Paganini, and, of course, the great Goethe, who visited the city as much as 13 times.

Chic architecture and level of service of local hotels and resorts such as DVORAK continues to attract international celebrities.

The cost of Aviator from Kiev in the hotel DVORAK for one person (with 2 meals a day and treatment) in EURO:

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