Most unusual hotels in Turkey

Unusual hotels of Turkey of 5 stars – what to look for.

Many of our tourists perceive Turkey as a country far and wide. However, upon closer examination, it appears that the most unusual and fashionable Turkish 5 stars hotels remains “Terra Incognita” for many lovers of luxury resort living.

We hasten to correct this unfortunate mistake, and to acquaint our readers with the most outstanding, in the literal and figurative sense, 5-star hotels in Turkey.

Let’s start with the Ada Hotel, located on the Bodrum Peninsula. This small Turkish 5 star hotel with 14 rooms . which became a real masterpiece of design art: in the design of the hotel wonderfully combines the popular minimalism and traditional features of Oriental style. In design generously uses natural materials and luxurious textiles, antique furniture and retro accessories, original combined with emphasized coarse walls (the entire property is built of hewn stone). All rooms are 5 * Turkish hotel are different in design and each has their own individual style. A stay at Ada Hotel and will delight true connoisseurs of good food (chip hotel serves Mediterranean cuisine and seafood), and lovers of excellent wines (the hotel is famous for its wine cellars).In addition, it is situated close to such notable attractions as mausoleum of Halicarnassus, castle of St. Peter’.

Turkish hotel Macakizi of 5 stars (in translation – the Queen of spades) is also located near the city of Bodrum . and its highlight – a fantastic swing club parties. Arrange them on the pontoons, which offer a wonderful view of the beautiful Bay. Evenings on pontoons rousing parties, and in the afternoon they can enjoy the sun in the most comfortable environment: your purpose of lying on the sun loungers, sheltered from the hot sun under canopies. However, the design of hotel of Turkey of 5 stars deserves highest praise . Macakizi consists of several villas and bungalows, designed in a Mediterranean style. Special decoration of the room are large Windows, through which a clear view of the surrounding picturesque landscape. The food at the hotel is also at the highest level, but only with a bias in national Turkish cuisine. In the gourmet restaurant you can have a great meal, sitting on the shaded terrace.

Our next stop is Istanbul right on the Bosphorus is one of the most luxurious hotels Turkey 5 star Hotel Les Ottomans . This white mansion on the waterfront has existed since the 18th century and became a hotel after a major renovation in 2006. All 10 rooms Turkish 5 star hotel and other facilities are organized according to the principles of Feng Shui . I guess that’s why the hotel is known for comfort and has already won a number of prestigious awards and as a boutique hotel, and as an excellent Spa complex.

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