Most unusual hotels

If you are so tired of their wealth, just travelling you are no longer interested, then you have time to cheer up and to go to one of the three most unusual hotels of a world scale!

No. 1.FirstWorldHotel

Translates as: “first world hotel”, is actually: this hotel occupies the first place among the biggest in the world. FirstWorldHotel will meet you in Malaysia, in the territory of the huge resort GentingHighlands, lying fifty miles from the capital of KUALALUMPUR. The hotel design is very colorful – a huge building painted all the colors of the rainbow (hard to imagine how much paint and time it took). For its guests FirstWorldHotel 6000 prepared comfortable rooms, many restaurants, a cinema of striking dimensions, 80 boutiques and two leisure Park with different themes!

No. 2. TajMahalPalace&Tower

The hotel is located in Mumbai, India. Its construction was completed in 1903. During its more than centenary history the hotel has received the title of one of the most famous hotels of the East. The building is a magnificent Palace located on the other side of the arch and gateway of India facing the Bay of Mumbai. Today the hotel is a symbol of the city and its pride. The first guests for which the hotel opened its doors, steel Maharajah of razlicheniya States, they were first able to assess the quality of service, which in TajMahalPalace&Tower has become an art. According to the General opinion of a large number of visitors to the legendary hotel, it is one of the best in the world, and it is not dependent on any circumstances and time.

Copenhagen hotel HotelFox is a Prime example of pure creativity. There are only sixty-one room and they all differ from each other. On the interior of the hotel was created more than twenty designers who were able to realize more than a thousand of their ideas. Each of the rooms has its own unique and special design. If one of the numbers performed in the style of Japanese comics, then the next, is already the epitome of street graffiti or space subjects. Once in the room, you can easily be in the flower meadow, or visiting Dobryakov monsters, or among the mysteries of the Universe, or the mysterious door, or even in some unexpected place. All the rooms have an individual design, a name and a single master, which made the design and artistic part. HotelFox fully corresponds to the status of the art hotel. Each person can choose the room with the desired color and taste, (you can take this literally). If in the same room dominate the scenery, in another the main emphasis may be given to furniture or lighting. In this variety of rooms there are, where will feel a family with children: designed in fairytale style and the selection of proper scenery.

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