Most unusual hotels in Slovenia

A holiday in Slovenia is already unbanal. And if we choose an unusual hotel, with bright impressions of the trip you will be exactly achieved.

A tree house for honeymooners

Recently more and more hotels, which themselves offer a lot of new experiences to its guests. Some propose to spend the night in concrete pipe, the other a crane, third in the old plane.

Today is not unusual to spend a night in a cable car in the French Alps or to try yourself in the role of a hamster, living in a room resembling a cell, of course with a rotating drum. In Slovenia, too, has its unusual hotels and hostels, where guests can combine relaxation with unique experiences.

Don’t want to spend the night in jail? In the centre of Ljubljana there is an unusual hostel “CELICA” (Camera). It is located on the famous street Metelkova, in the heart of the informal culture of Slovenia.

In the times of Yugoslavia on the territory of today’s bars and Nightclubs Metelkova were military barracks, and the building housed a military prison. In the 90 years here began gather nonconformists from the whole Ljubljana, spontaneously there were bars, Nightclubs and other entertainment for young people.

Architects and designers of the hostel have transformed the former prison building into a unique art rooms. Each is kind of unique prison cell with lattices nastasemarian. Today it is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

In the project of reconstruction of the former military prison was attended by over 80 local and foreign artists, with designs made of small, gray camera in an open space, full of personal freedom and artistic expression.

The tree house

Near lake bled is a unusual hotel complex “Garden Village”.

This ecological complex is built in an abandoned nursery for growing seedlings. Among the trees for the adventurous-built tree houses. Perhaps this will be your childhood dream.

The houses seemed pretty simple, but the interior is very stylish and has to rest. Kitchen, two bedrooms on two levels, all twisted nets, which play the role of ladders, slides and hammocks.

Here is the perfect place to spend time as a family.

There is also a special tree house for honeymooners, through which grow the trees. The authors offer an unusual hotel to spend the night in a luxury tent on a wooden berths near the pond where the sound of water will make you forget about all the problems.

Near the complex there is a small pond where you can catch a delicious dinner. The inflatable tents are equipped with large beds. Wanting to preserve the history and traditions of this place, the entire area around the planted fruit trees, what truly makes this village garden.


In Slovenia is well developed “farm tourism”. Many cities offer to settle on the so-called organic farms, where the air is amazingly clean, and all the products fall on the table straight from the beds.

All, of course, environmentally friendly. Here you can go mountain Biking, nature walks and even try yourself in the role of a farmer.

If you are a city person and want to experience the spirit of rural life, can stay in a house located in the quiet village of Ray at the foot of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Here you will live in a beautifully restored and glazed “kosola” (the barn). “Kozolec” outside it looks like a perfectly ordinary barn, and inside luxury apartments that can accommodate up to 4 people.

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