The most unusual hotels in the world

Here are the most unusual of the world, through which it is possible to spend a truly memorable holiday!

Floating hotel in Sweden

This hotel has everything you need for work, leisure, food, entertainment and fellowship. And the guests fall asleep and Wake up to the sound of waves.

Sand hotel in the UK

The world’s first sand hotel on Vaatsa the beach in the town of Dorset in the UK.

Hotel in the jungle of Mexico

Comfortable bungalows, judging by the photos, not especially protected against the ingress of wild animals, but with beautiful views of the jungle and the Bay, located in tropical Mexico, close to the fishing village of Lapa.

Ice hotel in Canada

Unique ice hotel gives its visitors unforgettable memories. In the spring the hotel shuts down and literally disappearing from the face of the earth.

The camera store in Japan

Modern hotel offering its visitors a comfortable cell… for sleep.

Escape pods from the Netherlands

The hotel rooms are made of rescue capsule (used in the disaster areas for first aid, transportation of food and people), located in the city, which has long been attributed to epatazhnogo rebellion – Amsterdam.

Cave hotel in Turkey

Great atmosphere and exoticism to the lack of risk and discomfort – perhaps this is exactly Your choice.

Hotel-plane from Sweden

The hotel…for fans to stay in the plane

Wood hotel in India

Eco-hotel in the heart of the jungle was Madumali. We already got used that in the fight for the environment do not change bed linen and wash towels. The owners of this hotel went even further in unity with nature – get ready for the long haul to make friends with mosquitoes, leeches and other jungle creatures. Unforgettable impressions guaranteed!

The hotel is a prison in Germany

A former prison in Germany gives its visitors the opportunity to experience the prison, with the possibility at any moment to be released.

Underwater hotel in Fiji

The world’s first underwater hotel located on a private Fiji island. Hotel “Poseidon” offers its guests rooms not less than class “Lux”.

The drain pipe from Austria

Completes our list of “romantic” hotel rooms which are located inside concrete drainage pipes. Great idea for a honeymoon!

The most unusual hotels of the world
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