The most unusual hotels in the world

Hotel lighthouse, hotel and flight or hotel-prison. – what you need, if you want to make the vacation absolutely memorable. In the market of hotel services increasingly popular creative made complexes, where the rate is made not on the usual comfort (soft beds in spacious rooms), and the uniqueness of the concept.

We present you one of the ten most unusual hotels in the world by Forbes magazine – underwater hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort.

In mid-January 2011 on the island of Poseidon (Republic of the Fiji Islands) the long-awaited opening of the world’s first underwater hotel Poseidon Undersea Resort.

The complex consists of 48 bungalows terrestrial and the underwater part, located at a depth of 15 meters at coral reef. It 25 capsule-rooms (5 by 10 m) and luxurious Suite of the Nautilus, stylized fantastic ship of captain Nemo.

Capsule rooms are attached to the pipe-corridor and at the request of the guest (it helps to choose the remote install option) can be separated from the corridor and rise to the surface.

The lighting in the rooms is made in such a way that from the outside they look impossible. But inside in the crystal clear water of the ocean is clearly visible with its inhabitants, attracted to the lights porthole Windows. By the way, the fish can feed without leaving the room. For this purpose a special mechanism.

In imeutsya underwater hotel rooms, bar and restaurant. Inside guests can get or submarine, or tunnel directly from the beach. The pier of the island of Poseidon is able to accommodate vessels of up to 92 meters long. The width of the lagoon is 61 m, and its depth is 11 meters.

To celebrate the opening of Poseidon Undersea Resort, its creators decided to celebrate the first Texaco visitors: their names will be engraved on two steles, one of which will be established on the coast of the island, the other is lowered to the bottom of the lagoon.

And finally: a one-week stay in the complex for lovers of exotic will cost $15 000 per person (the price includes flight from the island of Fiji to the island of Poseidon Mysrery) – the price of a truly memorable holiday!

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