The most unusual hotels in the world

“For those who are interested in everything new and unusual, a little review of the most unusual hotels in the world . which are located in mines and caves or are carved straight into the rock. ”

Guhantara (India)

Guhantara — a fancy hotel . located in India, the architecture of which can be traced the style of ancient India. Designed rooms “of the cave” balanced — just in a little bit. The hotel Guhantara is a great place for yoga and meditation.

Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel (China)

An unusual hotel Yang Jia Ling Cave hotel is the largest hotel in the world, located right in the rock. The room setting will involuntary make You feel like a monk. Although, perhaps it is because of this China sent every year millions of tourists from all over the world.

Le Grotte della Civita (Italy)

Amazing the hotel is an ancient house-caves excavated in the rock interior and decor which will transport you to centuries in the past, to feel how people lived in those days. These places are recognized as the most unusual in the world .

Les Hautes Roches (France )

Quiet and cozy area in France — Les Hautes Roches, reminiscent of the rock monastery. Luxury finish apartment hotel, a spacious terrace, swimming pool and elegant restaurant, making it even more attractive. Light music for children at bedtime

Cuevas del Tio Tobas (Spain)

Sakaryali offers luxurious apartments with all the benefits of civilization, has a right in the mines, in which previously mined silver. Hot days in the hotel rooms and chill, and cool nights — warm and comfortable. The place is quite beautiful, with a rich history.

Kokopelli Cave Bed & Breakfast (USA)

Then we have another unusual spot — a five-star cave hotel Kokopelli Cave Bed & Breakfast, located near the border with Mexico and is made in a predominant Latino-American style.

La Claustra (Switzerland)

Another unusual hotel . but also in the Alps. Besides lots of impressions from the hotel itself, the beautiful scenery of the Alps and the superb cuisine will not leave You indifferent.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel (Turkey)

Some of the most amazing and unusual places in Turkey — underground cities built already in prehistoric times. Cosy hotel Gamirasu is located in the walls of hewn monastery and traveled to surprise travelers.

Desert Cave Hotel (Australia)

In line Australia and hotel Desert Cave — favorite tourist underground the hotel is reminiscent of the catacombs. The hotel has cosy rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, training hall and shops. Plus surf of ocean and rich nature will help You break a hundred.

Rifugio Torre di Pisa (Italy)

Move to Italy. Here we have another fancy hotel Rifugio Torre di Pisa. Though the rooms and not have the comfort of five-star hotels, but the view from the hotel, fully compensates for this.

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