Most unusual hotels in Mexico

Mexico is a popular tourist destination that has something to offer to the numerous visitors, including fans of the exotic. Because if you go there – it is best for a long time to see more. But if this is not possible, use a short term stay to the maximum.

Short term rental properties in Mexico – one of the variants of residence at the time of the visit, which is definitely more economical. However, to experience the flavor, the special atmosphere of this country – it is best to rent a room in one of the most unusual hotels.

The count’s Palace

It is not the name of the hotel, and the original purpose of the building. In the XVII century it belonged to the family of count Mirabel. The building is located in the city center, near Constitution square. Architects and designers have transformed a rundown building into a luxury hotel, worthy of the most distinguished visitors.

A five-star hotel has 17 double rooms of different sizes. Some parts of the hotel reflects the historical view, particularly impressive unique antique Elevator. The rooms are furnished quite modern, equipped with a personal safe, a huge TV and a Minibar.

The hotel also has a swimming pool and a rooftop bar, several restaurants and shops, has its own security system. Accommodation in hotel will cost from 140 to 200 dollars a night. It includes maid service, Laundry and dry cleaning services, Internet.


Built half a century ago, the arena has seen many exciting fights bullfighters with bulls. However, within a century it was closed for almost a dozen years, yet it breathed new life. For about 30 years, it functions as a unique hotel.

Fully preserving the original structure, the architects equipped the arena of 49 spacious rooms. The enclosure for the bulls turned into a bar, and the Lodge became a restaurant with a beautiful view on the flowery arena with a fountain in the center. The atmosphere in the hotel, due to the pristine finish and old-world luxury, is unique. The price range for a night in this hotel – 140-250 dollars.

Concrete pipes

Yes, Mexico is not only converted into hotels valuable historical objects, but also create them out of seemingly impossible materials. This hotel’s apartments are located in the concrete pipes, the width of which coincides with king size bed. The hotel grounds feature a picnic area and swimming pool, and the cost of this fun is $ 35 per day on weekdays and 50 on weekends.

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