The most beautiful and unusual hotels in the world

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Intimate hotel in the heart of the Scandinavian forest or a Suite on the top floor of a luxury hotel? If puteshestviyam tired of standard hotels with unremarkable rooms, feel free to choose new ways to rest and relax after walking and sightseeing.

Take a break from everyday worries and enjoy a selection of the most beautiful, interesting and unusual hotels in the world. And maybe someone already start planning the next vacation .

Eagle View Suite

Luxurious two-story Suite hotel located on top of a National Park in Finland. Panoramic views 360° and transparent glass roof create a feeling of complete unity with the nature of Lapland in all its glory. Inside the hotel there is a tree whose branches reach the second floor.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Unity with nature can be felt in an unusually designed hotel in Norway. Juvet Landscape Hotel offers 7 private bungalows situated in the woods. Beautiful mountain views, pristine nature, sound of forest stream and birds singing is what will surround you while relaxing at the hotel.

Mi Costa Hotel Residences

The wonderful climate and access to the hot springs hotel, situated in the resort town of Cesme (80 km from Izmir) in Turkey. Each room offers a magical view of the sea. The hotel project was nominated for the prestigious European award Mies Van Der Rohe 2015.

The Manta Resort Underwater Room

If you ever wanted to feel like a mermaid and live under water, feel free to head to East Africa. Exotic underwater hotel rooms are in the Indian ocean 250 km from coral island of Pemba (part of the Zanzibar archipelago). The rooms have large Windows through which you can observe the underwater world.


The ice hotel built every year in December in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi. The building is almost entirely constructed of ice, which is dialed into the nearest river. The air temperature in the room is 17° C. every year the hotel is visited by approximately 50 thousand people.

Hotel Tierra Patagonia

Eco-friendly Spa hotel is situated by lake Sarmiento in Chile. The good location of the hotel Windows offer incredible panoramic views of the national Park “Torres del Paine”. The interiors are decorated in a minimalist style with light wood furniture.

Bella Sky Comwell Hotel

This 4-star hotel is located in Copenhagen and is one of the largest hotels in Scandinavia. Convenient location and modern design attract large number of tourists and diplomats. The hotel consists of two leaning towers connected by a bridge, on the upper floors. Includes 814 designer rooms with Windows from floor to ceiling, 30 meeting rooms, a Wellness centre and a restaurant.

Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau

Guest rooms are located in the tallest building of Macau. In addition to the hotel of 650 rooms, the complex includes the Grand Lisboa casino, shops, restaurants and bars. In restaurants you can enjoy the tastes of the most expensive wines from around the world. Be sure to visit the restaurant Robuchon au Dôme, situated under the dome hotel. It offers a magnificent view of Macau. And, of course, pay attention (and not to pay attention simply impossible!) the stunning chandelier with crystals, which descends from the ceiling.

Marina Bay Sands

Incredibly breathtaking view opens with the last open floor Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The hotel consists of three buildings of 60 floors, which is the top of the Skypark (sky Park). Here is the main attraction of this hotel include a pool with no visible skirting, because of what the impression that the edge of the water falls right at the height of 200 meters.

Magic Mountain Lodge

Have you ever wanted to live close to a volcano? Here is a unique hotel consisting of 13 cosy caves with views of the Andes and the volcano Arenal, guaranteeing every traveller a complete unity with nature. The cave-suites bear the names of Chilean birds. The hotel looks like a real “Magic mountain”, which grew out of the ground.


Comfortable rest in the open air among nature France – all capsule rooms at the Rêves Attrap’. Uyun transparent “bubbles” under the open sky will give an unforgettable holiday experience. One of the unusual rooms offer views of the surroundings of the commune of Allauch (France). The hotel’s name translates from French as “Dreamcatcher”. Here under the stars you are guaranteed the most splendid and fantastic dreams.

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam

This bright fantastic hotel is located in the centre of Zaandam (the Netherlands). Draws the eye to the facade of the building, which is made from almost 70 of the United fronts of the typical houses of the region. If you want to feel the history and tradition of the Netherlands, this hotel is an ideal option. Each room features a design inspired by Dutch history and local traditions.

Drop Eco Hotel

The hotel is interesting for its ecological capsule rooms, which may be “put” anywhere. Each individual room one is a capsule, not tied to a specific place. It turns out that your number can travel with you!

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