The most famous hotels in the world

I want to be in the past? It does not need to go to the Museum or to the movies, enough to book a room in one of the oldest hotels in the world. Presented to your attention the five of the oldest and most famous hotels in the world.

Hoshi Ryokan – the oldest hotel of the world

In Japan more than 1300 years the Hoshi Ryokan hotel. The legend says that in the beginning of VII century one Buddhist monk in dream of the mountain spirit, who revealed a secret place with an underground spring. Hidden source had healing properties.

Monk had found the source of all residents of nearby villages. And disciple of a monk created on the source location of the hotel (which was originally a shelter). So the official year of Foundation of this place of – 717.

Since then, the time was replaced by 46 generations of the most ancient hotel of the company. The current hotel is open for tourists from all over the world. Here you can not only bathe in the healing waters of the source, but also to visit theatres, museums, Spa center, enjoy the tranquil effects of Japanese gardens. The interior of the hotel is represented by two directions: traditional Japanese and modern Studio style.

“Banana-lemon Singapore…”

Famous historic hotel Singapore places you in the heart of the city. The Raffles Hotel was founded in 1887 and named after sir Stamford Raffles, who is the founder of the city. The building of really stalowym and a national monument of Singapore.

The original building was a Bungalow of 10 rooms. And only in 1899 acquired its more modern image, which was reconstructed and expanded.

The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden with quiet courtyards, separated by fountains and decorated with tropical plants. At the entrance guests are greeted with palm trees – true symbol of.

The distinctive features of the hotel include antique furniture, unique design of the rooms, whose names bear the names of their guests: Rudyard Kipling, Charlie Chaplin, ava Gardner, Somerset Maugham. The legend says that here for the first time A. Vertinsky sang the famous song “banana-lemon Singapore”.

Without Pera Palace would not be “Murder on the Orient Express”

In the historic quarter of Istanbul is the Pera Palace. The hotel is one of the oldest European hotel of Turkey.

The basis of his accounts for 1892. Originally, it was intended to accommodate passengers of the famous Orient Express. Architect-Creator of Alexander Vallaury have tried to combine in his work neo-classical, Oriental style and modern.

At the moment the hotel has 147 rooms, some of them bears the name of its famous guests. Over the long history of the hotel, stayed here many significant figures: Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Hemingway, Mata Hari, Queen Elizabeth II, Tsar Nicholas II.

And this is not a complete list. In room 411 for a while lived Agatha Christie, where she has created a fascinating mystery called “Murder on the Orient Express”.

A favourite hotel of sir Winston Churchill

The most popular hotel Morocco La Mamounia is a luxurious Palace, surrounded by 7 acres of magnificent gardens.

The first guests arrived in this hotel, decorated in art Deco style in 1925. Since that time the hotel was many times renovated that every time brings new makeover in its design. Today it has 231 rooms, casino, Spa, Golf course, several restaurants and bars.

The famous guest of the hotel – Winston Churchill . who would sit for hours on the balcony, watching the scene on the street. In 50-ies of the 20th century here stopped a lot of first magnitude stars: Nicole Kidman, Charles Aznavour, Joan Collins, Omar Sharif. In short, the list of honorary guests already reached and exceeded one hundred, which speaks for itself.

Mena House hotel overlooking the pyramids

In the suburbs of Cairo, literally 700 metres from the majestic pyramids of Cheops and Chephren, is the Mena House hotel. It offers rooms with stunning views of the ancient buildings.

The hotel building was erected in 1869, for a long time it was the residence of kings. Here the rulers of Egypt met the high-ranking guests from all over the world.

The hotel is surrounded by 40 acres of gardens and green areas, it consists of two parts: the old Palace and the new Garden wing. 523 rooms of the hotel are designed in traditional Arabic style. There are all conditions for active pastime: Golf course, tennis courts, restaurants, beauty salon.

The whole world opened in front of you, you just have to choose the path for a new journey and to book a room in one of the best hotels in the world.

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