The most famous hotel casinos

Many decades playing house in different countries was banned by the official authorities. This industry existed in a semi-legal status and only in some regions there were institutions with license to operate. These hotels eventually gained international fame, and the annual influx of tourists has exceeded six figures.

Luxury hotels casinos USA

The Mecca of all gamblers – Las Vegas is a truly magnificent complex of the company Wynn Resorts Ltd. Among the main advantages of a huge game rooms, shopping, conference Studio, bars, SPA and Golf club.

Numerous awards from international publishers and has high ratings from Forbes or turned the Mobil five-star Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most visited gambling houses.

Gorgeous Aria casino is housed in two buildings of the city centre of Las Vegas. The height of the towers is 51 and 61 of the floor respectively, and the total area is 14 000 square meters. Each of the interior – a separate work of art. On the walls you can see a lot of design compositions and strange finishes.

Aria is one of the few places where combined natural and artificial lighting. To create a luxurious environment maintain an unforgettable atmosphere azartspelu various decorations and furnishings of glass. With spacious halls, the hotel has become incredibly popular among musicians. On a regular tour and here comes the legendary troupe Cirque du Soleil.

The highest observation tower in the U.S. boasts the Stratosphere casino in sin city. The company owner Bob Stupak was able to attract countless tourists with the help of originally designed rooms and quality service. In addition to gambling entertainment clients are offered the opportunity to dine in the rotating restaurant and raise the level of adrenaline on the rides on the streets of Las Vegas.

Famous casinos in Europe

In the Principality of Monaco is not going in vain rich people from all over Europe. Here is the popular Le Sun Casino. In addition to the American roulette, the visitors can try their luck at the poker tables of different variations and rules. From the verandas of the hotel offer views of the city and the waterfront, and once a season right under the building rush a Formula 1 car.

In the vast conservative England there is a gambling house with a long history. In Central London there is a building At The Empire, resembling the Sultan’s Palace, inside the luxurious club is decorated in the best traditions of entertainment USA. Game rooms are divided into areas for VIP customers and normal visitors.

Entertainment Asia

To free from the Chinese authorities of Macau is the Grand Lisboa Hotel complex, which is open to gamblers around the clock. Campers will have the opportunity to try your luck at the Blackjack table, baccarat or roulette. In the halls there are 59 slot machines. In the building there are three restaurants with international mark “Michelin”.

The huge facade of the hotel Galaxy Macau amazes any tourist visiting Hong Kong. It offers residents – 2200 rooms, six licensed companies with individual rooms where each person can place a bet in your favorite game, the biggest on the planet outdoor pool, and a Park for walks abounding with the best specimens of local flora and fauna. As the weather is favourable here for 9 months now stay at Galaxy Macau for a long time.

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