The most expensive and luxurious hotels of Paris

In Paris about 40 hotels have the status of “Luxury.” We will tell you about the 7 most luxurious and fashionable hotels in the capital of France.

All these hotels are world famous, they stayed stars, writers, presidents, the Royal family. One of the artists wrote view of Paris, which would become a hallmark of the city. In other rooms were decided the fate of the world. Somewhere was written great novels, but somewhere in the shooting of okolonauchnyh movies. So she lived Princess Diana, and stayed here the hero of “the da Vinci Code”. And all of these seven hotels.

And, of course, all of these Paris hotels five stars!


It is a former private Palace. The Hotel de Crillon on place de La Concorde. next to the Park of the Tuileries. initially, the Champs elysées and between the presidential élysée Palace and former Royal Louvre.

The Palace was built in 1758 on the Royal street of Paris by king Louis XV. The hotel Palace began in 1909. It is the oldest luxury hotel in Paris.

Here at one time stayed the presidents and the Ministers. For example, in 1919, the allies had founded here the League of Nations.

Since 1964 the rooms of the upper floor of the hotel became monuments

All rooms are decorated in the style of Louis. Some of the rooms of this hotel in Paris include Gostinyi view of the inner courtyard or the street Boissy d angl. In addition, each room of the hotel De Crillon has a marble bathroom.

The Les Ambassadeurs restaurant awarded a Michelin star. It offers traditional French cuisine.


The hotel Palace is located in the heart of Paris on the Rue de Rivoli. The hotel has a restaurant, noted three Michelin stars, a Spa and fitness centre with massage services.

Its the history of the hotel began in 1771, when Augustine Maurice opened the first hotel the courtyard. In 1835 the Hotel has occupied its current building near the Royal Palace of the Tuileries .

They say all the tourists in Paris can be divided into three types: poor, rich and those of Meurice.

The first monarch who settled in the Paris hotel was the king Alfonso XIII.When he was removed from power in 1931, in Spain, overthrown the monarch sought refuge in Paris and the hotel Meurice became his residence and the office of the government in exile. Also in this famous hotel has been the Prince of Wales, the kings of Italy, Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Montenegro, the Shah of Persia, Bay of Tunis.

In this five-star Paris hotel lived the Rockefellers, Roosevelt, Salvador Dali . presidents and movie stars.

It housed the Paris literary club.

Moreover, this all-Suite hotel filmed “angel-A” by Luc Besson and “Midnight in Paris” woody Allen


Elegance, charm charming, his famous bouquets, impeccable service. In General, the George V is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

It is not a hotel, and the Palace. It is located between the Champs Elysees and the Seine, in a quiet, picturesque area of Paris. Beautiful views of the city, and the main attraction – the Eiffel tower. Elegant decor, a restaurant that has 2 Michelin stars, a SPA centre with views of the gardens of Versailles… Here, everything breathes luxury!

There was shot the movie French kiss.


This luxurious 5-star hotel is located on the prestigious Avenue Montaigne. The hotel has a Spa Dior Institute, five restaurants and a cocktail bar. In this Parisian hotel offers elegant rooms with marble bathrooms. The hotel is located a five minute walk from the Champs Elysées .

The restaurant has three Michelin stars.

The hotel consists of 146 rooms and 45 suites. The rooms and suites 1-6 floors are decorated in classic French style (furniture in the style of Louis XV, Louis XVI). On the 7th and 8th floor of the art Deco style. Suites and Royal Suites offer a view of Eiffel of the Eiffel tower. Royal Suite is also known as one of the largest suites in Paris with an area of 450 square meters.

In this hotel they filmed one of the episodes of “sex and the city”.


This hotel is considered one of the largest and most prestigious palaces of Paris and France, in Bristol held an important meeting in all fields of social life: politics, cinema, business.

The mansion was built about 1758, and since 1925 Bristol becomes the Paris hotel.

Since 1945, the hotel is a Mecca for world diplomacy. Since then, he occupies the first place in every guidebook for tourists. And to date, Bristol has not lost the title at number one in the world.


Shangri-La is located in Central Paris, just 600 metres from the Eiffel tower and the Seine river. From luxurious and elegant rooms and suites offer romantic views of the Eiffel tower .

It is located in the former mansion of Roland Bonaparte, which was built between 1892 and 1899..

This is a new luxury Parisian hotel is part of a new wave of five-star hotels in Paris. The hotel partially opened in 2010.

The building and all the furnishings, classified as historic monuments.


Ritz — luxury hotel Paris, Swiss businessman Cesar Ritz opened in 1898, Is a luxurious hotel on the place vendôme. The Ritz also exists in other cities of the world.

The Paris Ritz was stopped at different times by celebrities such as Edward VII , Marcel Proust, Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich. Coco Chanel opened her first boutique, lived in the hotel for 30 years and died there. In honor of the famous guests at the most luxurious accommodation. For example, the hotel bar is named Ernest Hemingway.

Princess Diana held at the Ritz last days before avtokatastrofy. Today the hotel is owned by the father of her beloved Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed.

Here they are, the most expensive, luxurious and fashionable hotels of Paris!

Have a great holiday!

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