The famous La Samanna


Evening. I have just returned from talks in the hotel. Tired joy, the transaction is completed. I wanted to call my wife in new York, to share some good news. I had five free days and why not jet off for a short vacation to the Caribbean?

OK, only one condition. I started in the fitness center, and I’d hate to lose shape, is the answer Karina, oddly enough, was pleased.

Lately to go to the gym time did not exist, so the option to combine a romantic vacation and active (by Caribbean standards) pace of life suits me perfectly.

– We need a hotel with great potential, how about la Samanna? I heard there is a great range of options for training.

– I think that was in Saint Martin?

– Yes, the French part of the island.

– America with the West Indies there is no difference in time, hence it will be easier to book a room. I agree. Sweet dreams honey, see you tomorrow.

The next morning I was racing to the airport. In his pocket a ticket Moscow – Paris – Saint-Martin. After a few hours I’ll be in the arms of Karina and the Caribbean sun!

Near the equator, at the Princess Juliana airport I was met by a smiling representative of the la Samanna. Wife came in the morning and waiting at the hotel. Not wasting a second, dive into the hotel car. Traditional planteur punch helps to while away 10 minutes, and I’m on the threshold of our apartment.

In homeremedy first to meet their own baggage – Yes, efficient staff here. And where is she? Go in search.

Still, my wife is smart, knows how to spend money tastefully. Our suite is gorgeous, elegance and sophistication throughout. Living room, bedroom, two bathrooms – how much light, space, comfort! French chic on the Caribbean coast.

I found Karina on a shady balcony, in company with the incomparable scenery and a glass of champagne.

I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you come in. But you have to understand, after the fall of new York to see these colors and not to forget about everything…

She froze in mid-sentence, because I realized that I don’t hear anything. I look at the ocean, the sky, the white sand, catching the familiar smells of tart Caribbean Islands and repeat to myself: “life is beautiful!”

While I was unpacking the suitcase, and the wife cleaned up before the first dinner at la Samanna, we have a surprise. On the terrace was served table, responsive staff some elusive way thought recognized guests. Candles, soft music and two lovers – everyone wanted to be in our place.

– Represent, when doing make up, I thought – how don’t want to go out. I’d love to have dinner here, overlooking the beauty of Saint Martin. In General, from the first moment on the island I feel that I am in some matrix isn’t real – is something to think or to wish, as it comes to pass!

I agree, I have a similar feeling. By the way, have you noticed the kind of wine list?

Dom pérignon, Cheval Blanc, Bollinger offer… at least for today, forget about our plans to improve sports formy.

– Can’t deny it, in her eyes, there was relief. To abandon the selection of excellent French wines at such an amazing evening it would be a crime against common sense.

Dinner was unforgettable. The chef of the hotel restaurant treated us the gifts of the Mediterranean sea (fresh fish is delivered here by direct flights from Europe). Food and drinks matched perfectly, and we still have forces on a beach walk.

We walk arm in arm along the edge of the light surf. The beach at la Samanna is huge, more than a kilometer long.

– Judging from what I saw in the afternoon from our terrace, on the beach in a very private setting not only in setting the time of day. I’m happy, I would not want thousands of miles from home to walk along the beach, like Manhattan.

I silently nod in reply. The capital cycle of business meetings, negotiations over lunch, office etiquette that’s so far away… suddenly a few hundred meters we notice a young couple. Decide to come and meet you.

John and Samantha were regulars at la Samanna, to spend at this hotel for the fourth holiday. Them near our Suite. New friends will hype up the local restaurants (masterpieces of French-Caribbean cuisine), the beach (no seaweed and shallow water) and fitness club (Paradise for devotees of active recreation).

I bet this is the only hotel in the Caribbean, which has its own Pilates Studio, said Samantha.

– Definitely agree about private practice, is immediately reacted Karina.

Well, John and I decide to go to the gym tomorrow, and after lunch to organize races on bikes. Farewell until the morning, retire to our rooms.

Damn nice day ends. Here’s our living room, on the table a note from the Manager of la Samanna: “Madam, the Pilates teacher will be at Your disposal at 11 am, good night”.

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