Hotels in Batumi near the sea

Hotels in Batumi of 5 stars

Sheraton Batumi Hotel from usd 180

The Sheraton is not just one of the several 5-star hotels in Batumi, he’s already in a sense a visiting card of the city and its attraction. Sheraton often acts as a landmark for lost tourists, as it can be seen from any part of the city.

The hotel is located on the main street of the city, 200 metres from the sea, near the Park and the famous naberezny. The Sheraton is a very good choice for a comfortable and memorable stay in Batumi.

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Divan Suites Batumi from usd 98

A five-star hotel Divan is located in the historical part of the city, 5 minutes ‘ walk from the seafront and town centre. Since its opening, the hotel quickly gained popularity and many positive reviews due to the high level of service and comfort, friendly staff and delicious food.

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Hilton Batumi from usd 97

The Hilton new 5 star hotel in Batumi from the international hotel chain Hilton Worldwide. This brand has long established itself, became famous and earned a perfect reputation, so the extra words about that everything is at the highest level, he doesn’t need.

The Hilton is located 200 metres from Mora, opposite the bustling Park with a lake in such close proximity from the hotel Sheraton Batumi and the waterfront.

Hotel Intourist Palace from 110 usd

The Intourist hotel is one of the oldest five star hotels in Batumi, but in spite of his age he is not losing popularity, comfort and coziness. Within 65 years of its existence the hotel has received more than 450 thousand foreign tourists.

The Central entrance of the hotel opens directly onto the alley leading to the colonnade of Batumi, which are the historical entrance to the beach. Next to him are singing fountains, Central pier and the Palace of marriage. In a word Intourist Palace is located in the busiest part of the Batumi embankment.

Radisson Blu Hotel Batumi from usd 145

The hotel is located in close proximity to the famous tower of the Georgian alphabet, Wonderland Park and Ferris wheel, a 5-minute walk from the sea. The original glass facade distinguishes it from other hotels, especially at night thanks to the lighting, which emphasizes its unusual shape.

President Plaza Hotel-from 95 usd

Hotel President Plaza is located in the heart of Batumi, near attractions, as Medea statue and astronomical clock.

In all directions from the property opens up interesting places: on the right, old Batumi, on the left – Park “may 6th” and the right is the famous Boulevard and the sea. All this in a three-minute walk from the hotel President Plaza, making it the perfect location.

Leogrand Hotel & Casino Batumi from usd 95

Its appearance attracts visitors, though is not exactly in the city center. Leogrand Hotel is located 200 metres from the cable car and the beginning of Batumi Boulevard.

With Windows and offers wonderful views of the mountains, the sea and the city. This is another luxury hotel in Batumi, which has earned its five stars.

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