Luna Baglioni, Venice, Italy

The oldest hotel in Venice is a five – star Luna Baglioni – founded in the XII century. It is well documented that in 1118, it had stopped the Templar knights going on Crusades against the infidels. In the XVI century the hotel was called Locanda della Luna (“the moonlight tavern”).

The hotel’s interiors are decorated with works by the artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Giovanni Battista Tiepolo), held in 1992, the renovation returned the building to its original historic charm. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that in 2008 Conde Nast Traveler magazine recognized Luna Baglioni one of the best hotels in Venice and Italy in General, and included it in his “Gold list”. With this opinion agreed the travel experts of the magazine Travel+Leisure, recognized him as one of the leading hotels of the world.

Love is here to stay powerful and Hollywood stars: South Africa’s President Nelson Mandela, Senator Patrick J. Kennedy, actors Sean Connery and Michael Douglas, pop singer from America Lionel Richie and many others. For the convenience of the guests the hotel has a private dock, allowing the gondolas and boats to deliver celebrities straight to the front door.

The hotel is famous for its cuisine – it is a cozy and elegant restaurant “Canova Restaurant” award-winning.The chef of restaurant is known in the culinary world as a virtuoso of refined Venetian cuisine. But not only is he the master of cooking, but also an expert on the restoration of old recipes. Gourmets will appreciate the extensive collection of wines from the cellars of the hotel. There is not only Italian and local wines, but the best examples from all over the world.

Albergo del Sole al Pantheon, Rome, Italy

The Rome hotel located in front of the Pantheon, opens its doors to wandering travelers for over 600 years. With 1467 this hotel, formerly called La Locanda Del Montone, took well-known politicians and artists, and was witness of all the events of the glorious Roman history, together experiencing the “eternal city” periods of prosperity and decline.

La Locanda was first mentioned in official documents in 1469 during the visit to Rome of Emperor Frederick III, who came to get an audience with the Pope Paul II. The entry concerned the payment of accommodation and food of the Emperor together with his entourage of 13 people. The costs I had to pay the Vatican office, as the Emperor was considerably extended during the long journey to Rome.

In 1510 the hotel has changed owners, and the building in the next century witnessed turbulent times. Not only that, he had to survive three catastrophic floods (in 1530, 1557, and 1598), and the sack of Rome by troops of Charles V. Finally, in the early XVI century, the hotel was bought by the family Ruffini and called it the Locanda Del Sole. And this name remained for over 400 years. Reputation was so great that one of the streets near the Pantheon called Vicolo del Sole, with reference to the Locanda.

In this hotel at different times lived celebrities such as the great Italian poet, playwright Ludovico Ariosto, philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Nietzsche, Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg and famous adventurer count Cagliostro.

Ye Olde Bell, UK

Your report life of the hotel began in the mid-sixteenth century. The first mention about this hotel is found in a letter to Esquire Ralph Thorsby, who was returning on horseback to London from Newarke after an exciting tour. Desperate to find his drunken companion, who fell behind and got lost in the forest, Ralph decided to stay in this hotel “to rest tired limbs”. The hospitality of the hosts so impressed him that he wrote about this hotel to all my friends and recommend to stay there only, “if you find yourself in these beautiful lands…”.

The popularity of the hotel grew, when mail coaches began regular flights between London and York, Ye Olde Bell was the most famous place “to stop and rest weary travelers,” wrote the guides at the time.

In the XIX century the hotel was bought by George Clark, a former avid breeder of horses, so close to the hotel, he opened the stables for 120 horses.

In 30-40-ies of the last century, this hotel repeatedly used for filming the British and French film Studio. In the 60 years regularly used the big car races – Rallye Monte-Carlo. Among his guests were such world stars as Charlie Chaplin, British actor Oliver reed, American actress Joan Crawford, the Prime Minister of great Britain, sir Harold Wilson, and many others.

Chateau Du Domaine St. Martin, France

The carrier of the heritage of medieval knights in full is five-star Chateau Du Domaine St. Martin. This is the medieval white castle on a hill in the territory of which, according to legend, hidden treasure of the knights Templar. It is located in the heart of the Provence region, a 20-minute leisurely drive from Nizzie 12 km from the Mediterranean sea.

Once, long ago, on the site of this castle were fortifications of the Romans, which to this day preserved gate and the suspension bridge. Then, in 1115, the castle was handed by the count of Provence, the knights Templar, where was a monastery, named after revered in France Saint – Martin of tours-merciful.

After the dissolution of the knights Templar, the castle passed from hand to hand, until he turned into the hotel. Interesting fact: in the contract of sale and purchase of the hotel from 1936 recorded: “in the case of finding new owners in the territory of the hoard, it is necessary to divide it fairly…”

The authentic interior of the hotel and is designed in period style with antique furniture Louis XV, tapestry, porcelain and paintings by masters of the XVIII century. Around the hotel olive grove, in which grow the famous Provencal olives – the hotel produce their own olive oil for the restaurant. By the way, the restaurant “La Commanderie” is awarded one star in prestigious guide Michelin. In the guide say that this restaurant is perfect from the point of view of cooking Mediterranean cuisine.

Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock, Germany

With a stay at Radisson Blu Schwarzer Bock located in Wiesbaden, is recognized as the oldest Grand hotel in Germany, because the first documentary mention of it dates back to 1486. However, in those years, this building housed the baths, and its name is Schwarzer Bock – it received on behalf of the owner, Philipp Zum Bock, who had dark hair (the word schwarz means “black”).

about convinced of the futility of sauna business, Herr Bock quickly turned his company into the hotel where the guests can improve their health by bathing in thermal springs. And although at that time in Wiesbaden, lived only a few dozen people, but the fame of its healing waters spread widely across Europe and many people came here not only to improve failing health, but also to arrange a personal life. This feature of the resort at the time, drew the attention of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, repeatedly stayed at the Schwarzer Bock.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia – the historical name of the region in Central Turkey, 300 km South of Ankara, capital of Turkey. Here in VIII century of our era stood the Byzantine monastery. It was destroyed by the Turks, and much later in the former underground caves-the monks ‘ cells opened hotel with 18 rooms. It harmoniously fit into the natural landscape of the area, offering guests all the modern facilities. There is a choice of two accommodation options. Those who want to be real “monks” – can stay in cold, austere rooms where all the furniture, including the bed, of carved stone. Those who are accustomed to a certain level of comfort, rooms are equipped with modern furniture and a fireplace.

A distinctive feature of the hotel was that all the “numbers” on the walls perfectly preserved frescoes from thousands of years ago.

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