Hotel “Intercontinental Carlton”

Hotel the Carlton Cannes is an historic treasure on the French Riviera, and a splendid choice for your unforgettable luxury wedding. The hotel is the perfect representation of the glamorous and prestigious Cannes lifestyle, and offers a Regal setting for Your dream wedding.

Hotel “Intercontinental Carlton” in Cannes is a magnificent, a truly legendary hotel, built in Belle époque style, as well as an amazing unique wedding venue on the French Riviera

Getting married in Cannes is a dream for many couples, and there are few venues like the Carlton, can be counted on the fingers. The true Palace is celebrating the centenary in 2013 is a significant event for the côte d’azur legend. The hotel is located on La Croisette, the most famous and prestigious seaside promenade in Cannes, and is an ideal choice for wedding events, impressing their guests and giving them a sense of refined charm.

Where to find the perfect Palace for your wedding reception?

Of course, on the Croisette! The hotel “Carlton” in Cannes – the most famous vacation spot for rich clients and stars around the world. The hotel can simultaneously accommodate up to 700 guests, and each room is named after film stars who at one time or another been valued clients of the hotel.

Chic wedding Pasadena the coast of the côte d’azur offers a private beach and is perfectly suited to the amazing fabulous wedding celebration. In “the Carlton Hotel” Your guests will have a memorable for excellent service, a fitness centre and acclaimed gourmet cuisine. Elegant decoration and a charming romantic atmosphere, superbly enhanced by a beautiful gilded stucco, crystal chandeliers and antique mirrors. The decor is unique and combines the historic charm and spirit of bygone eras and modern chic, expectations to create a memorable setting for your wedding event.

Wedding celebration in Cannes on the Cote d’azur luxury

Prestigious wedding venue, the hotel “Carlton”, can be rented fully for the whole event. Planning and organization of wedding celebrations in this sumptuous Palace is a real treat, and possibly to conduct the ceremony in the presence of the invited guests You choose a beach hotel.

Cocktails can be enjoyed at the bar with enchanting views of the Croisette and the Mediterranean sea. A seated dinner for 350 guests can be served in the “Grand Salon”, and for supper in a circle of close friends in the adjacent cabin.

Welcome to Cannes, a glamorous symbol of the South of France

Cannes is well known for its international film festival which attracts stars and celebrities from around the world. It is also one of the most popular holiday destinations on the French Riviera with designer boutiques on the famous Croisette, the port and the beaches. These are just some of the magnificent features and entertainment that certainly will appeal to Your guests.

Thanks to the many events and fabulous summer season, in city constantly there are any events. If necessary further accommodation, Your stay hotels “majestic”, “Grand Hotel” and “1835”.

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