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Las Vegas is only 107 years old, and since its Foundation he is the center of global gaming business: the first hotel-casino the Golden Gate opened in 1906. Today in Las Vegas, more than 1700 licensed places to gamble and more than 200 thousand gaming machines. Las Vegas – a real miracle of engineering: built to the East of the Mojave desert, he is not lacking neither in electricity, nor fresh water. In 1936 was built the Hoover dam, so there were Mead and most powerful hydroelectric power plant. Gambling and entertainment industry is the basis of the economy of the city, so shy it is not made: if a new object is constructed, it needs to be the best. In Las Vegas you can see the largest gold nugget (Nevada is ranked second in the world in gold mining), the largest artificial volcano, the big sign. Out of 20 largest hotels of America 17 located in Las Vegas, and the total hotel stock in the city is 150 thousand rooms and suites. In addition, it is the brightest city on earth: Las Vegas lights 15 thousand kilometers of neon tubes.

For the first time in the movie Las Vegas appeared in 1964, and to date “played” a role in more than 40 films. Steven Soderbergh has made Las Vegas a full member of istorya three daring robberies in the performance of the team of Danny ocean.In the center of the first film “Fletch lives”, filmed in 2001 – the casino robbery at Bellagio. The Bellagio with its famous singing fountain is one of the symbols of Las Vegas. Luxury hotel complex, opened in 1998 is a piece of Italy in the heart of the most rapidly growing city in the U.S. and the most visited place in the world.

The hotel owns a group of companies MGM Resorts International, which is building a new complex on the site of the legendary Dunes hotel at a cost of $1.6 billion. Bellagio is located in the South of the Central Boulevard of Las Vegas known as the Strip (The Strip). Its name the hotel is named in honor of the popular Italian resort on lake Como. The main idea of the project was to create a hotel with the atmosphere of Italian lakeside resort, so no huge lake Bellagio is impossible to imagine. The square artificial lake, which is part of the complex of about 3.5 hectares. The singing fountain to the music of throws more than 1,200 jets. The repertoire of the object is extremely various: arias from Pavarotti to the hits of Frank Sinatra.

In 3933 rooms at Bellagio can accommodate all the inhabitants of the eponymous Italian city. In addition to rooms and suites, the infrastructure of the complex are Botanical gardens, a gallery of boutiques of brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Omega, La Scarpa, and others, more than 20 cafés, restaurants and bars of all popular culinary traditions of the world, night clubs, five outdoor pools, two chapels for weddings, Spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, Golf course, theatre, where the famous Cirque du Soleil plays with his water programme “On”, 50 conference halls and meeting rooms and, of course, casinos with a total area of over 10 thousand square meters. with tables for all available poker games, sports betting and 2400 slot machines.

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