Old Gagra mini hotel

Old Gagra hotel for those who appreciate coziness and comfort

Old Gagra mini hotel is located in the exquisite area of Gagra on the azure coast of the Black sea. Visitors can enjoy a Wellness sea breeze and charming reviews on the vast expanse of water.

Apartments and rooms mini-hotel Old Gagra

The resort have the opportunity to book quality accommodation, designer interiors, ventilation and elegant furnishing.

Visitors will be able to use the paid services guarded Parking with night lighting, and enjoy a comfortable transfer. All apartments have a cosy terrace where vacationers can enjoy colourful sunsets, sitting in an easy chair with a Cup of coffee.

Old Gagra mini hotel

Throughout the mini-hotel Old Gagra hovers indescribable sweet scent of flowering exotic nature, which has a positive effect on the rest.

The average cost of the apartment is 1800-2500 rubles a day per person, depending on equipment and time of booking. For an additional cost of 700 rubles per day provided rich food for tourists.

Infrastructure and razvlecheniye at Old Gagra

Active visitors can enjoy at the reception a trip for rafting down a raging mountain river Bzyb.

Curious visitors prefer to use the services of a qualified guide who will introduce visitors to the memorable places and attractions of the resort Gagra region.

Old Gagra mini hotel

The female audience prefers to relax in a stylish comfortable sun loungers, or stroll along the lively and picturesque promenade, which is beautifully lit for romantic lighting in the evening.

In a national restaurant at the Old course will be offered to taste delicious dishes of the Abkhazian and taste the popular wines. Every evening the resort plays nice relaxing music, and entertainment for the guests.

Beach coast the opportunity to engage in exciting diving and snorkeling. Romantic couples and honeymooners prefer to use the rental yacht cruise for a romantic stroll through the waterways of the Black sea. For the youngest visitors water works amusement Park with inflatable slides.

Old Gagra mini hotel is an oasis of calm and chic on the azure coast of the Black sea.

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