Odessa hotel Bristol celebrates its 115th anniversary

1899 was a milestone year for various reasons. This year was born the iconic film Director Alfred Hitchcock, was patented the drug aspirin, the Bolshoi theatre hosted the premiere of Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping beauty”, at London’s famous tower “big Ben” clock was running, and in Odessa was opened as the hotel Bristol, which became one of the attractions of the city. In 2014 the hotel celebrates 115 years. Today, as more than a century ago, this hotel combines classic luxury and sophistication with cutting-edge technical solutions.

Hotel, p vstroennyy by the famous architect Alexander Bernardazzi on the place of apartment houses of merchant Naum Jurowski, instantly won the hearts of European and domestic guests.

Bristol is not in vain got its name. That was the name of the hotel in Austria, where he loved to ride wealthy locals. However, Odessa Bristol even surpassed his Austrian namesake. Its main advantages, in addition to the furnished rooms, electric light, hot water, bathroom in every room, well-trained servants.

After the October revolution, was not up to luxury hotels. In 1922-1925, the rooms converted to offices responsible railway workers. Adacore in the period of the NEP, the hotel was restored and renamed the hotel “Krasnaya”.

Then followed the trials of the great Patriotic war and Soviet public utilities. As a result of many unfounded reconstructions many authentic elements of the interior were lost. However, his spirit Bristol has retained.

New life of a legendary hotel

In the years 2002-2010 was a full-scale reconstruction, which allowed to restore the pristine beauty of the facade and the hotel – name “Bristol”. Today Bristol offers 113 luxurious rooms and suites, a signature restaurant and more than 700 square meters for special events, conferences and business negotiations. In the hotel you can relax by the indoor pool, SPA and fitness center.

From March 2014 five-star the Bristol entered the collection of the prestigious group The Luxury Collection international operator Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which has 90 best hotels and resorts in 30 countries around the world.

The hotel has one of the best loyalty programs hotel chains of the world Starwood Preferred Guest (Starwood Preferred guests), a in its activities, the hotel follows the concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainable management.

Bristol – the city’s only representative of the global hotel chain, the activity of which contributes to the development of tourism industry of Ukraine and promotion of Odessa as a popular historic town by the sea for world travelers.

At the time, Bristol was attended by celebrities such as Nobel prize winner Ivan Bunin, the silent cinema star Vera Cold, writers Theodore Dreiser, James Aldridge, Henri Barbusse, Isaac Babel, the legendary singer Leonid Utesov, actors innocent Smoktunovsky, Andrei Mironov, Bogdan Stupka, John Malkovich, American billionaire Armand hammer and many others. Moreover, Bristol was the scene of many films shot in Odessa.

Today the hotel takes an active part in the life of the city, assisting in the organization of FAM-trips, city-wide events and international festivals, as well as implements social projects to support educational programmes of UNICEF and assistance of the Odessa regional organization of the red cross and the charity Fund “the way home”.

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