A fancy hotel that seems to be woven from the air


Theme fusion with nature or even complete dissolution in her care of modern authors, no less than their predecessors, the supporters of organic architecture. The architects of the Swedish office Tham & & Videgård Arkitekter have designed and built in the North of the country, near the village of Harads fancy hotel that seems to be woven out of thin air. Volume size of 4x4x4 meter is mounted on the tree trunk with metal clips that won’t damage the bark.

It all began with a documentary film directed by Jonas Selberg Agustina called “tree hugger”. Future authors of the concept at stealth came up with the idea: can a person who is not too important the comfort and the weight designer brands, explore at your leisure the world around us, while remaining invisible to our little brothers? Hotel in Harads has become a tangible confirmation of this idea.

Scope design is simple. The base is made of aluminum, and it consists of two modules that are joined on site. Inside the box is finished with plywood. Six Windows give a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The hotel is connected to the ground suspension bridge and additional steel braces. Outside the volume element is covered with panels of mirrored glass, reflecting the trees, clouds and everything that is around. That is why the hotel and it seems invisible. So the birds didn’t hit the wall, on glass by a method of laminating film coated with a special film, pomagalski the occupants to see what’s in front of the robot.

Generally, a room in this unusual hotel are designed for couples. Anyway, inside you’ll find a double bed, a small living room, tiny bathroom and toilets. There is also a roof terrace covered in heat-treated wood ash. Built-in floor electric heating system. And the hotel has a system of collection and treatment of water. which then can be reused. The interior is lit by four overhead and two wall lights. The authors decided to use his creation for the promotion of Scandinavian design. So, chair, table and chairs designed by prominent designer and architect Alvar Aalto (Alvar Aalto), and textiles created by designer Lena bergström (Lena Bergstrom).

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