The most unusual hotels in the world.

Ice hotel, Quebec

This hotel is built every year, and its construction is 225 kilograms of ice and 6,800 kilograms of snow. Of this free material makes a chic hotel with 34 rooms. In addition, guests can see a variety of amazing products from snow and ice both day and night. In General, this hotel is something that exists in a single copy, it is unique.

Giraffes manor, Nairobi

This hotel is named so for a reason – indeed, in the district a lot of giraffes that greet guests in the morning and accompany them when they go to sleep. Probably not more close to the nature hotel in the world than this. Agree, to spend a few days in the neighborhood with giraffes and other exotic animals – a truly unique experience.

The Hotel “Ariau Towers”, Brazil

Another unusual hotel, which is located on the flood vast Amazon river. Around – water, forest and sky. No shelter, except this hotel, not near. It is clear that tourists wish to come here, because so many lovers of wildlife, and a few places where the nature is still preserved.

Wagon Stays, New Zealand

Want to feel like a pioneer uninhabited lands?Then you should go to New Zealand, where for a relatively small amount you can provide a place in a van similar to the one which was with the settlers. This hotel consisting of a plurality of such trailers can be found in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hotel lighthouse, Scotland

Everyone or almost everyone loves lighthouses, how they look and where they are located. Typically, the beacon is not much frequented corner of the coast where they really need to prevent ships from going astray. Now the ships are guided through the beacons, as before without light nobody could do. Now they slowly forget, but here in Scotland one of these beacons was converted into a hotel.

White cliffs, Australia

A very unusual hotel built inside a rock. Rock here – the usual limestone, and due to this the walls and ceiling of the rooms in the hotel are white. In General, if you ever came up with the idea to live in a cave, can do it in this hotel.

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