Unusual hotels of the world

A change of scenery is always fun. but you can change it simply unforgettable. Visit the most unusual hotels in the world. and your ideas about the banality of toppling over .

The French Alps will welcome you from the hotel … bubbles. Complex ATTRAP ’ REVES MONTAGNAC is surrounded by pines ( Montagnac — montpezat ), where you can enjoy nature. without fear of insects. damp at night and hot sun rays during the day. At the bottom of each elastic bubble with air — turf. between the “rooms” — transparent corridor. but fans of star-gazing will find an in-room telescope.

Swedish ICEHOTEL ( Jukkasjarvi ) recently celebrated the quarter — century anniversary to be exact. its the concept. since the hotel is rebuilt every year from the waters of the pristine river. not contaminated by industry. Every year the design of the rooms is different. but always with temperatures below — 7 ° C. this Sleeping bag. hat. thermal underwear — all of this you will provide at the hotel. and in the morning you will be treated to Sizzling cranberry juice. The bed is a deer skin. entertainment — even the walls .

Feel like a chimney sweep — have a look at a Mexican hotel in Tepoztlán ( TUBO HOTEL ). Rooms inside the tubes is minimal — window. bed with space for Luggage below. There is electricity. However. tourists. visited poor neighborhoods of Mexico city. will be happy perenochevat the sewers. so originally designed .

Another hotel with the label “triumph of minimalism” — capsule “Nochlezhka” in Japan. In this Tokyo capsule hotel “prostor” 2 * 1 * 1. which are like drawers in a morgue and for some reason are only for men. Cheap and extremely cheerful .

Old Holland offers us his extravagant option to spend the night. to get into a huge wine barrel. The hotel DE VROUWE VAN STAVOREN modern Diogenes town invites you to enjoy the view of the harbour. sitting in a barrel and breathing in the subtle aroma of the wine. Drums only 4. so hurry up and enjoy the smell of the sea. wine and philosophy .

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