Unusual hotels of Marmaris

The view that Turkey is completely standard hotels all inclusive, differing only by the number of stars, restaurants, swimming pools and sun beds, very wrong. Because here you can find a totally amazing hotel. About two of them in the region of Datca near Marmaris, we will tell.

A home for people and horses

Moreover, it is interesting not only for the riders-professionals and Amateurs of horses. Even beginners are offered a wide range of entertainment – horse riding, horse Safari in the forest, lessons and much more. There is also hippotherapy, especially useful for children with cerebral palsy and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Oversees Padok hotel & Stables is a multiple champion Turkey in show jumping Sezgin Sahli, who personally works with horses. Riding the hotel train two certified trainers, two expert riders, and experienced stablemen eight.

But do not think that the hotel in addition to a true osadnikow other is nothing to do: the hotel is located in a charming and quiet place. Guests can enjoy bike rides, forest walks and beautiful valley, excursion in the ancient city and Saklikent Sarigerme tours on boats around the Bay of Gokova. And Hiking in the Turkish village getting acquainted with the local way of life.

Padok hotel & Stables is a boutique hotel with 32 rooms and two VIP villas. There is a restaurant with eccritotarsus, two lounge areas on the first and second floors. The rooms are equipped with the latest technology, and the Windows offer wonderful views of the surrounding forests, orange and lemon gardens.

The Villa deserve a special mention. Each has three bedrooms, a spacious living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and guest toilet. There is storage space for Luggage.

Suites are slightly simpler, but also very comfortable, moreover they are equipped with Jacuzzi.

And, of course, all rooms have LCD TV, satellite TV, safe box, individual air conditioning, free wi-fi – in short, everything that we used to see in the rooms of five star hotels.

Have the hotel and pool. However, small: the main site for obvious reasons, reserved for the open and closed areas for riding.

The restaurant works on the principle of an a La carte every morning guests are served a real country Breakfast. In the evenings, sometimes live music, so it’s a great place for active and romantic travelers.

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