Unusual hotels of Europe

The fashion travel has created a tough competition in the hotel business. Some places attract visitors with low prices and modest service. Others luxury and comfort. While there are hotels that come to watch, not to live. Such places become landmarks along with museums, parks and palaces.

One of the most original hotels in Europe is in Berlin (Germany). Propeller Island City Lodge, named after the novel of Jules Verne’s “Floating island”, striking unexpected guests room design. Want to pospast in a snow-white coffin, a cage or a prison cell? Or maybe in the room in the medieval style or the room where the furniture nailed to the ceiling? In “Floating island” no room resembles another. The cost of living 69 — 125 euros per day per person.

Owners are positioning the hotel as a work of art.Facilities also suffered for the sake of art: not all rooms have bathrooms. Some of our guests have access to shared shower facilities.

Jailhotel Loewengraben hotel in Lucerne (Switzerland) is housed in the former Central prison. However, for 90 Euro residents are fed gruel and are forced to sleep on a bunk. From the prison of the past remain some of the attributes for sacramentofor. Overall, the hotel Swiss comfortable: the spacious rooms are well furnished and equipped with modern appliances.

If you have the desire to follow in the footsteps of Diogenes and live in a barrel, will have to go in Rudesheim am Rhein. The hotel Lindenwirt is another unusual hotel in Germany. All the rooms are done in former wine barrels with attached to them bathrooms. Accommodation in a double room costs about 77 euros. Standing in the kitchen is a cellar with wines of own production.

In England you can stay in a former railway station or in one of four vintage cars. In the summer on the platform, instead of trains, serves Breakfast, and in winter guests are fed in the cash room. The hotel provides 8 rooms, each room has a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. A double room will cost 190 Euro.

For 165 Euro you can stay in the water tower of the XIX century, converted in a five star hotel. It is located in Cologne, Germany. The main highlight of the rooms with oversized Windows (height 4.5 m) and a rooftop terrace, which offers wonderful views of Cologne Cathedral.

Fans of extreme sports who are not afraid of the cold, will like stay in the ice hotel. Usually they are built at a certain time, for example, for one season. There are ice hotels in Finland, Sweden, Norway. Hotel Igloo Village Kakslauttanen is located in a remote corner of Finnish Lapland. It consists of forty hotels that are located away from each other. In a snow Igloo minus temperature (3-6 degrees below zero, Celsius). So guests don’t freeze, they are given woolen socks, capes and teplosernaya sleeping bags that withstand temperatures up to -30°C. In an Igloo can live from one to five people. The cost of the snow house — 360 euros per night.

In addition to the cottages of snow and ice, there is the opportunity to stay in a glass Igloo. Thanks to the transparent ceiling, the guests all night to see the Northern lights and consider the starry sky of Lapland.

Perhaps in the unusual hotels the comfort pay less attention. But this, precisely, will be the most memorable vacation in my life.

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