Most unusual hotels in Europe

According to statistics, about 80% of Ukrainian tourists prefer Europe for independent travel. This is not surprising because it focused a myriad of attractions, as well as organize trip you can even with a modest budget. But few travelers know of the existence of original, unusual and very affordable hotels, accommodation in which will bring a lot of new experiences and will stay in Europe even more intense and interesting.

The most unusual hotels located in Switzerland. Germany. France, Italy. They are the following:

Hotel Lindenwirt (Germany), is unique in that its rooms are in wine barrels, and the outside attached bathrooms. In addition there were regular rooms, some of them created in the XVII century. Double room cost about$ 75 a day.

Hotel Alcatraz (Germany ). This hotel is located in a former prison. And regulations of the prison here, instead of the usual bath robe you will be given striped pajamas, and Breakfast will be served through the window by the door. Small cell rooms with barred Windows kept the prison environment. For those who like this recreation will seem extreme, there are the usual rooms. By the way there’s a prison hotel in Switzerland, but the situation there is opposite Alcatraz.

Rim will surprise the tourists music Franklin. The reception is a huge drum, and when posleduyuschaya together with the keys will be given CDs with your favorite music. The hotel offers a service of booking tickets to the Opera or a concert. The cost of daily accommodation in double room 100$.

– You want to sleep in front of everyone? Then you to France, that here operates an unusual complex, with transparent balloons – capsules instead of rooms. Absolute transparency of such housing allows you to enjoy the night sky and star map, the more that residents are given professional telescopes. Each capsule styled differently and has its own name. For example: fans of the East offer a number of “one Thousand and one nights”, and lovers of luxury – Glamour.

– The most original hotel in Belgium, built in the form of a Trojan horse. Consists of 10 rooms, decorated in natural, ecologically clean materials (wood, stone). Living in such a place of delight and will leave pleasant memories.

– And another hotel for which we have already told You, is in Switzerland. he also falls into the category of the most unusual hotels in the world. Remember the hotel “IgluDorf” .

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