Minsk hotels in the eyes of foreigners

Judging by foreign tourists, our hotels are able not only to charm but also to disappoint.

The first acquaintance with Minsk hotels foreigners can be not only real, but virtual. And most often it happens on the popular global resource , where travelers recommend or not recommend to stay in certain places. The most terrible, ruthless and subjective reviews of foreigners on Minsk hotels .

“Yeah, sorry, prostitute – that’s our problem!”

One of the most annoying moments in the capital’s hotels are prostitutes. In October of this year, a young couple from Moscow stayed in the hotel “Anniversary” and left the emotional feedback: “Couples or girls travelling alone, we need to prepare for the evening at the exit of the bar of the hotel you will confuse with a prostitute and asks the question: “are You in this hotel live?”.In this case, your clothing is not important. I was in regular jeans and a sweater (on trips). However, the question, and even in the presence of servants, for me personally and my young man was shocked. Night you will call and offer sex services, and the administrator will say: “Yes, unfortunately, prostitutes – that’s our problem! Nothing Palatine can.” Well, and the bar in the evening just disgusting to sit when these Ho’s courting of the Turks, do not hesitate telling how much you charge a night. Overall the hotel is good, if not a small but. In the future I’ll try to find another hotel…”.

Another review on an intimate subject in the same hotel Alexander from Poland: “the Prostitutes not only that, dangerous elderly, and terribly annoying”.

In the administration of the “Jubilee” argue that such information is an absolute lie, and there are no prostitutes in the hotel there.

An abundance of ladies of the disgruntled visitors of “Crown Plaza” . A review here outlines the situation:

“In the evening in the lobby well very many girls lightweight behavior, which remove greasy foreigners” (Victor, lodger “Crown Plaza”, Moscow).

In “Crown Plaza” say they don’t know what kind of women of easy virtue it is.

“Chairs and beds – from the landfill, and the carpet – just garbage”

But not only girls providing sex services, irritate some guests. There is no claim to the interior. Although, it is worth to mention that they single. For example, on TripAdvisor in October 2012 it was reported that a review men from Moscow after the visit of “agate” :

“In this hotel you can stay just for the sake of curiosity. This is rarely seen. The room seems to have not been renovated in 50 years. Chairs, beds, perhaps someone dumped, and then put them in the room. Carpet exactly garbage, it is impossible to define his own color, in addition, it burnt. A feeling of bomzhatnika. It is impossible to describe, THIS is a must see. We slept in our clothes. Arrived in Minsk at 22: 30. I had a place to stay till 8.00. For 1.5-2 hours, until we went to bed at about 10 times the power went off. And at night actually turned off the heat. It all reminded me Soviet times, sports camps, where we were accommodated anywhere, and we didn’t pay much attention. First, boys second, free. For the sake of objectivity I will mention that the place around is very beautiful + there is a paid Parking lot”.

In “Agatha” claim that the above-described picture for them of not typical.

Ukrainians in may this year complained of dirty and torn sheets in a 5 star hotel “Crown Plaza” . And someone in the same hotel, judging by the review, even found on the bathroom floor and hair strands. For its part the hotel commented that this is not possible, because they’re cleaning it twice a day.

“Pay card did not work, and the hotel is not settled even under the pledge of”

On TripAdvisor in may this year, reviewers have commented on problems with payment by plastic cards at the hotel “Zvezda” :

“…Besides, the problems with credit card payments, and if payment is not implemented, to wait until morning even bail documents is impossible – in the hotel just don’t inhabit”.

At the hotel said that the problems with payment by card – isolated and linked to banks themselves. However, most often these issues are resolved peacefully, and customers, no matter what, inhabit.

“I assumed that no one there spoke English and booked a room at another hotel”

The language barrier can also spoil the impression has not yet begun the novel with the hotel. For example, in April of this year on TripAdvisor there’s a comment about hotel “Minsk”:

“…Tried to book the hotel “Minsk”. I called about 20 times, and each time the call was insistent and I could hear voices, etc. Suggested that no one there speaks English. Finally, I made the order in another place.”

In the hotel “Minsk” has told that their employees at least speak English. And in this situation could be that the technician who responds to the call, consulted with their colleagues regarding any client’s wishes, and so kept the call.

“With the appearance of the women at the reception all right, but the mind needs work”

Service in Minsk hotels, judging by the reviews, throw in the extreme: he’s very good, but somewhere quite the opposite. But we chose the juicy review and decided to give it without the instructions of the hotel because the service is a relative term, and there is no accounting for tastes:

“Women at the reception look very nice and professional, but there are gaps in friendly communication with customers. In this respect, they still remained in the Communist era. With good looks they have everything in order (make-up, false nails, GSM, spirits. ), but the mind needs work. Although I’m not the biggest fan of fast food, but it seems to me that the biggest chain of fast food restaurants can change the thinking of the Belarusian staff. Maybe the hotel staff should learn there?”

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