Legendary hotels of the world

UAE. The Golden hotel

“Emirates Palace hotel” – the hotel of gold

Kings, tsars or sultans in children’s stories often live in palaces made of pure gold. Let’s be honest – hard to believe. However, they say that “the tale is a lie, so it hint, good fellows a lesson”. In Abu Dhabi is a hotel that is almost entirely made of gold! Before the show hotel, Shigeki Urier, sales Director, warned: “If you see gold – no doubt, it really is gold; if you see silver is silver; the stone is a stone; a tree is a tree. In our hotel are used only natural materials”.

Legendary hotel for visiting kings, presidents and the wealthiest people of the planet, called “Emirates Palace”. Located on the Corniche, the hotel is built in the style of a majestic Oriental Palace and surmounted by a dome 60 meters high. The building consists of three parts – the dome and two wings – Eastern and Western. To pass the Palace from end to end, will cover a distance of one kilometre. The hotel was built in just 3 years! The hotel was 100 ha. The building is surrounded by a huge garden, in which were specially brought dozens of bird species.

It is in the “Emirates Palace” I first saw a vending machine selling gold. He ustanovleno the lobby, and it looks as ordinary as a vending machine soda. To my surprise, I found the menu in English – it says that the gold here and buy our compatriots. The machine does not accept Bank cards. Cash only!

It looks like a Palace from the outside

In the lobby you feel like in a Golden casket. No, perhaps the more appropriate comparison with the gold pitcher – this is facilitated by the oval shape of the room and going up the Golden space, tapering upwards like the neck of the jug. The mind refuses to believe such a huge amount of gold concentrated in one place. It seems that the Palace (palace) carved from a huge solid gold nugget. Actually gold foil, but its value will not decrease.

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