Jakarta hotels near airport

Arrive in Jakarta late on and wait a few hours for the next departure? In this case in the vicinity of airports is always of. The international airport is located in Tangerang district, 20 km from the city. Not always when the transit trip is an opportunity to stay in the city and have time to inspect it any way. Compensating for the lack of impressions, you can add a presence service.

After resting in the hotel and gain strength, you will be able without haste to walk through duty free after arriving in the airport in advance.

If anything does not deny, can be accommodated in five-star Sheraton Bandara Hotel. Paying per night from $ 170 you can get a massage, or visit the tennis court, and even Golf. Without leaving hotel you can visit swimming pool, sauna, shops, beauty salon, currency exchange, rent a car, or hold a press conference. For children there is a separate Playground, Babysitting services and a children’s pool. Hair dryer, Jacuzzi and high-speed Internet is taken for granted 🙂 the Most expensive rooms for the price of beyond 3 hundred dollars and have views of the lake. The price includes Breakfast buffet for two for Breakfast. However, all but the base Deluxe with garden view, have a lake view. It can be obtained at the price of 200 dollars a night.

Massage and medical services can obtain over less money, also not leaving the airport for a long time. For 110 -115 dollars a night this set of services is in a three-star Jakarta Airport Hotel. There is also a business centre, restaurant, bar and lounge room. The rooms interior is simpler, but there is a fridge, a safe and a Minibar.

If you still are not going to hold a press conference, then maybe you’d be happy with a 2-star POP! Hotel Airport Jakarta. His prices are very modest compared to the Sheraton is only 30-40 dollars a night, depending on time. At the height of tourist season it is better to book the hotel in advance. He is very close with his rival five-star Sheraton. POP is very compact room with bright cheerful interiors. Luscious colors, which are painted pieces of furniture and walls, will delight children and entertain adults after a tiring flight. The room has a shower Cabinet, air conditioning, satellite TV and wireless Internet.

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