Hotel or mini hotel

Hotel or mini hotel, the pros and cons.

Often travellers are constantly faced with a choice: a hotel or a classic hotel. The difference is primarily in different atmosphere inherent in each type. The less guests – the more personalized the ratio of each guest. On the other hand when checking in at the hotel of a large international network of people knows very well what level of comfort and service he will get, a similar situation is the most popular business travel, when there is no time to be distracted by anything except the business objectives. Own this structure and in regions with difficult climatic conditions, the extremely low level of sanitation or unfamiliar culinary traditions. In Europe the situation is different – usually in the q & a interest is old architecture and the old city is always located in the Central part and has long been densely developed. If the traveler wants every day to admire the historic beauty of the past centuries to settle, of course, you should approach him, in this case will be able to more fully feel the unique atmosphere inherent to each city for which the trip was started. Here and go on stage mini hidden hotels right in the historic centre, vadbolsky the new building not only that no place to place, but it still won’t fit into the existing architectural ensembles.

Impression of the accommodation will be made up of several aspects – ambience, food, service, directly to the comfort of the room or rooms. Regarding the issue of power: in a major hotel, as a rule, there is a large restaurant with a single system of power (classic for the entire network), at first this system seems convenient, but the experienced traveler knows that in just a few days it becomes boring and there is a desire something to change, and there is a feeling of a conveyor. Although, it should be noted that for regions with peculiar kitchen to join which you’d like to moderate such a network a decent selection of hotels. Not everyone will taste the daily Breakfast in the traditions of the far East. Maintaining European standards such Goodies with one hand protect you from total immersion in the local color. And on the other allowed to live in a foreign country, fully preserving the usual way.

But this is not true for Europe. Here, in the Inns with their atmosphere and comfort is much more pleasant to enjoy your morning coffee and delicious Breakfast, do not feel that it is necessary somewhere to be in a hurry, and the food itself is much closer to home and the staff more responsive to Your requests in the change menu. Old hotels, as a rule, have a long history: they could belong to famous people even before they become open for guests, and the names of many of the guests eventually became world famous.

We should also mention the rooms themselves: in the large hotel they are usually faceless and uninteresting, do not have the highlights, which makes the stay unique and bright. In a hotel the situation is reversed – the owner usually tries to preserve the historical features inherent to this place, to help to feel the aura of years gone by. This is evident in the details: from the bathroom with vintage accessories to autographs of famous people left to memory.

St. Petersburg the city is relatively young, but many years of being a Royal residence was rebuilt on a huge scale and style. Its architectural ensembles often outperform the grace of many European capitals. In later years he was recognized as the cultural capital of Russia and the cream of the intelligentsia: poets, artists, writers – have left their mark on its history. So all the mini hotels in our network have tried to incorporate all the advantages of that format of tourist accommodation. And cherish that piece of history that is in every one of them.

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