The hotel Krestovaya pad

The hotel “Krestovaya Pad” was founded in Listvyanka in 2005 and is one of the most picturesque and well-appointed places for recreation. It can accommodate large number of guests; varied cuisine can satisfy the most refined taste, and a reception proveden th the hotel will be long remembered.

Many visitors wondered why the hotel has such an unusual name – “Krestovaya Pad”. This name is due to the fact that the hotel is located in the valley of the taiga river Krestovka, which is derived from PADI gorges and carries its own pure water to the sacred lake Baikal. The spring as soon as the lake ice breaks in the river for spawning rushes the species of grayling fish found only in Baikal. After spawning, the fish returned to the lake. Fat same fish remains in the river, that is its ideal habitat.

Hotel description

The hotel Krestovaya Pad is a complex, consisting of 8 buildings with a lounge, 1 VIP – cottages, administrative building, 2 restaurants, a coffee shop and a grill bar with a summer terrace.

Total capacity double rooms – 190. The rooms have separate Central heating and fully landscaped. The area has convenient Parking.Each case bears its name related to the location of the hotel.

Case 1 – “Krestovaya Pad” was founded in 2005. One of the first buildings of the hotel is a three-storey building, made of brick. The first and second floors have a balcony overlooking the Baikal lake and the mountain range Khamar-Daban. Within the walls of this building lived alone by Paulo Coelho. On the ground floor there is a cozy coffee room where the guests are treated with fresh pastries. The coffee 16-00 to 04-00.

Case 2 – “Baikal” – founded in 2007, the three-Storey building, made of wood, the scent which improves sleep, helps to relax and forget about the bustle of the city, is located on the shore of lake Baikal. Panoramic view of the lake attracts visitors, this holiday destination is very popular.

Buildings 3, 4, 5, 6 operated in the summer time and distinguished by their conditions of stay. In these buildings there are many places where you can sit comfortably in a deckchair, breathing in the fresh Baikal air and taking in the fabulous surroundings.

Case 3 – Barguzin was founded in 2011.

Building 4 “Shumak” is founded in 2011

Case 5 – pack founded in 2012.

Building 6 “Olkhon” founded in 2012.

Case 7 – “Baikal fairy tale” – was founded in 2007. Homelike housing, as a “highlight” of which was split-level restaurant with 50 seats. From the large Windows of the restaurant, located on the third floor of the building offers extraordinary views of the lake Baikal.

Country house – cottage VIP – class – founded in 2005, the Creative design of this three-storey building with large panoramic Windows overlooking the sacred lake allows you to ensure guests have a comfortable and memorable stay. The basement houses a two level Finnish sauna with a swimming pool. On the first level there is a wonderful dining room with balcony, cosy living room with a kitchenette and a fireplace. This house is suitable for family celebrations, as well as for banquets, corporate meetings, private business meetings and summits.

Homely atmosphere offers guests a pleasant stay. Having been here once, you will again want to return to the scene of romance and tranquility. Waiters will offer wine and gourmet dishes such as whitefish grilled with creamy caviar sauce, and for dessert – a pear in wine.

Restaurant – 2 was established in 2007

A highlight of the building 7 was an unusual two-storey restaurant for 50 seats, panoramic Windows which offer a wonderful view of lake Baikal.

A coffee shop. Here for you to boil coffee (I think best on the shores of lake Baikal! ), delicate homemade cakes: cakes, pastries, pies with various fillings, prepared according to traditional recipes.

Clean lake Baikal air, connecting with the fresh scent of Siberian wood, creates in him an unusually attractive aura and mouth-watering masterpieces of Russian and Siberian cuisine. zabyvayutsya specially crafted tea original recipe from an exclusive tea list.

The grill bar with a summer terrace. This building is located on the heights of mountains, the large Windows offer a fantastic view which attracts the eye. Fantastic atmosphere supported by wooden walls and floors, beautiful furniture, decorated fabrics, – all this, undoubtedly, allows to make the stay memorable. This also contributes to the original kitchen. Chef Alexander Strahov – unsurpassed master of culinary delights – will be able to for the short term to create an exclusive dish and to please his most exacting taste.

Throughout its history the hotel “Krestovaya Pad” has played an important role in the cultural life of the village Listvyanka. Many famous artists stayed at the hotel.

In may of 2007. famous Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho spent their leisure time here. Saying goodbye, he shared his impressions: “I felt the energy of this magical place…”

Stayed at the hotel and Mikhail Zadornov, At different times had the opportunity to evaluate the merits of the kitchen at Vlad, Hamil, Shym, Snakes – members of the rap – group “Caste”, the singer Maxim, Pavel Sheremet and many others. Andrey Makarevich, stopping at the hotel, preferred to cook his own food, however, praised the work of local chefs and asked them for the recipes. Famous comedians “Comedy club” Le Havre, Alexander Revva, Nezlobin, Timur Kashtan Batrutdinov the sisters Zaytsev loved this spot, not once gladdened by their presence. About staying in the hotel Camedia responded with their typical humour: “Good house, good food, a beautiful lake managed next to the house…”

Today the hotel “Krestovaya Pad” . located on the heights of the mountains near the village of Listvyanka, is the ideal holiday destination for everyone. The combination of pleasant atmosphere with a high level of modern service provides the opportunity for full relaxation. Everything here, from the cozy rooms to the restaurants, coffee shops and summer terraces, corresponds to the highest level of service.

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