“Floating island” — an Unusual Hotel in Berlin

Fantastically unusual hotel is a private hotel, which is located in Germany, Berlin. The hotel was named after a novel by the great writer Jules Verne, which in Russian sounds like “Floating island” . The original hotel called L’ile a helice, which literally translated sounds like “the Island with the screw/propeller”. The full title of this small hotel in Berlin: Propeller Island City Lodge. In Russian language the name of the hotel translates as “City house-island with a propeller”. Permanent host is Lars Strachan.

The hotel “Floating island” all rooms are themed, and the design and interior is created by just one person – Lars Strasheim, which I am sure that almost every one of its rooms can influence and even change the consciousness of its inhabitants.

If you often like to perform in front of a mirror much time, then you will love a night spent in the mirror room, called “room for Narcissus”. It looks like a polygonal room decorated entirely with mirrors (!), there is a feeling that you’re in a kaleidoscope. A lot of their own reflections and others, for sure, can drive You crazy.

Also, you can enjoy the feeling that the whole world capsized in dragonmere of the same – Upside Down . The chandelier hangs here on the floor and bed are on the ceiling. But a good designer of this design have not forgotten about the comfort of their guests and made the hollows in which to sleep, in the “ceiling”. The furniture is on the ceiling, and you sit or sleep in a convenient drawer under the floor. The room Space-Cube: there is a double bed which is divided by a partition a luminous-the guillotine. In this case, the guillotine looks just like a conceptual lamp.

For the seekers of extreme sensations in a slightly different area of the owners offer to stay in a room called the Two Lions . Here it is possible to sleep in a double bed or in cells, a great balcony with a tub made of wood, huge room (Suite). Located at a height of about 1.5 meters, in the middle of the “arena”, on stilts are 2 cells. That will be able to see the audience, decides your curtain! Each cell is designed for 1 person, but there are also counterpart – a place for two people in a very large Suite bath. And believe me cell here isn’t all that interesting. Much nicer wall transparent mirror separating the room from adjacent rooms.

The Flying Bed room: a room with a sloping floor . It “flies” on grandma’s bed. The chair and table are straight, and the wardrobe coming out of the wall. Bathroom, eggplant color is made entirely of natural stone. This is just one of the unusual realities, in which you can experience the varied and extravagant German hotel.

All rooms are equipped with modern audio system, with its help you can listen to specially created for the hotel with sound effects or just your favorite music in superb quality. It is sufficient to change in the rooms atmosphere. All guests and residents of the hotel to use the room are given a manual.

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