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Exotic of the world.

Hotels on wheels

The main contingent of the hotel – the tourists exploring cities and countries. In each place, they are forced to search a hotel, which, of course, is not always convenient: you need to pre-book the room, get used to a new place, to consider the mode of invasion/evictions and drugiej nuances.

To avoid all these inconveniences were invented “hotels on wheels”. You are checking in to the hotel and start journey along the selected route, which is an analogue of sea cruise.

A classic example is one of the most famous hotels on wheels, fully renovated part of the legendary “Orient Express”, which at one time was considered the most luxurious train in Europe. Train Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express offers a classic journey through Western Europe. The route starts in London, through the tunnel under the English channel to Paris, then to Lausanne, Milan and ending in Venice.

The Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express the entire interior, from the design of the coupe and ending with the napkins in the dining car, reproduces in detail the “Eastern Express” of the early 20th century. The cost of travel in this “hotel on wheels” about 1500 euro.

Analog Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express has also in India is the Palace on Wheels train (“Palace on wheels”). It consists of 13 wagons, each of which copies created at the time the cars traveling Indian princes-Maharajas. Itinerary Palace on Wheels runs through the famous city of India Jaipur, Udaipur and Agra, the city where is located the legendary Taj Mahal.

Businessmen from Germany (Rotel Tours ) used for his hotel on wheels the tourist bus Mercedes 0404, combining the hotel and the bus. Can travel up to twenty six people, each will have his own bed, his sitting place and his table for food. Due to the limited space in the soul of this hotel on wheels is not provided, but there is a vacuum toilet and a kitchen.

Rotel Tours organises on their mobile hotels bus tours on all the continents except Antarctica. Particularly popular are bus tours of the sparsely populated places, where the distance from the hotel to the accommodation is a few days away.

Interesting variant of the train-the hotel is in Alaska. This hotel-train “Aurora Express” . in which the emphasis is placed on creating the atmosphere of the North American beginning of the century, vividly described in the works of Jack London.

Each car in the “Aurora Express” — a work of art. For example, n-coupe National Domain feature in the religious and ecclesiastical spirit, and much of the roof over it — glass that the guest day and night to look at the heavens, thinking about high and eternal. In the Bordello room (saying name!) there is a huge bed that surrounds the interior with bright colors, crystal chandeliers and painted ceilings. Gorgeous Golden Nellie coupe – for those who are accustomed to luxury. Glittering gilded ceilings, heavy velvet curtains, a private bathroom and a gilded staircase, down which with a soft top, you can relax in an antique chair.

Other options are “hotels on wheels” are not designed for travel, and are arranged in a standing stationary vehicles. To attract tourists using exotic trains, planes, ships, etc. for Example, in the US known hotel Northern Rail Train Car Hotel . 17 of the rooms are located in the former railroad freight cars.

Dutch enthusiasts Frank and Irma Appel adapted by a historic tram cars. Their hotel Controversy Tram Hotel with 5 rooms is two restored tram cars, who worked on flights in Germany and the Netherlands. By the way, the owners are interested not only in the trams: they have the only house in the world with built-in bus, the famous British double-Decker bus “Rootmaster” (Routemaster).

And of course, the creators of the original hotels could not pay attention to the aircraft. As a result, in Stockholm, there is a hotel-the Jumbo Hostel airplane . He is inside a regular Boeing 747, which has several standard rooms and suites for VIP clients. The hotel is in the vicinity of the Arlanda airport, and from its Windows offer a picturesque view of the Stockholm airport.

As you can see, the creative imagination of developers of new hotels has no boundaries, and they use for their projects the most diverse and sometimes unexpected objects.

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