Exclusive services that hotels offer their guests

Exclusive services that hotels offer their guests

Coming on holiday to another country and settling in the hotel, guests are provided a variety of services for a comfortable stay. But travel service, like other spheres of life, constantly expanding the range of services and offering its visitors to enjoy the extravagant facilities that will bring flavor to the upcoming holiday. In continuation of the article offers nine luxury services that will impress even the most discerning guests.

Manager tan: Ritz-Carlton South Beach, Miami beach

Hotel chain Ritz Carlton is renowned for its impeccable service class “luxury”, but the hotel in Miami has raised the bar, offering a service Manager for tan. His responsibilities include the duty poolside with the aim of helping travelers to apply sunscreen (even on hard to reach areas) and offer sun-protection cosmetics, sunglasses and other beach accessories.

Psychologist for animals: Hotel deLuxe, Portland

The Hotel deLuxe in Portland (United States) is a real Paradise not only for vacationers, but also for their four-legged Pets. To furry guests here offer such amenities as luxury bedding, dishes full of food, toys and dopolnitelnuyu: massage, exercise, acupuncture, housekeeping, and personal psychologist.

Massage in a gondola: Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego

Flotilla of gondolas available in the hotel Loews Coronado Bay Resort is available not only for cruises but also for relaxation treatments. While the gondola glides over the water surface along the private jetty, a personal therapist will knead wish all parts of the body.

A Bathrobe with the monogram: Hotel Ritz Madrid, Madrid

Sometimes the most seemingly ordinary and familiar things in the hotel can be a unique and enjoyable gift, especially after a grueling transatlantic flight. For Hotel Ritz Madrid each guest relies personal Bathrobe to wait in the room, tied with a red ribbon and decorated with rosebuds.

Gourmet menu for animals: Lowell, new York

Hotel Lowell went further and surpassed the Hotel deLuxe, offering customers who like travelling with their Pets, exotic delights, prepared for animals to order: lamb stew, organic Buffalo meat, tartare of filet Mignon with side dishes of potatoes, rice or sardines. And for dessert, cats and dogs can enjoy ice cream, biscuits made of fish skin, which are imported from Iceland and much more. For animals there are special shampoos, oils and aromatic sprays.

Artists and books: Andaz Fifth Avenue, new York

For art lovers and book lovers the hotel Andaz on Fifth Avenue will be a real boon. There started the art project, through which visitors can see how artists work. The hotel also collaborates with the new York library, located directly across the street, which provides the use of a guest more than 700 books.

The Butler of the smell: Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver

Rosewood Hotel Georgia all conditions for a luxury holiday: from the plush furniture to the flavour of the guests. In fact, the hotel has its own “main flavors”, which helps the guests to choose and purchase the perfume from the many luxury scents like Chanel No. 5 or Hermes Terre d’hermes.

Tea sommelier: Lanesborough, a St. Regis Hotel, London

The British are very serious about the tradition of tea drinking, however, the Lanesborough hotel has elevated the humble tea leaf to unprecedented heights, offering guests a personal tea sommelier. During the afternoon tea he personally will choose the most suitable for each variety of tea, telling about the benefits of several dozen varieties of tea leaves.

The Viceroy Riviera Maya surpassed the expectations of the most discerning guests with its unusual feature – a soap Concierge. This service is truly unique, because a soap Concierge offers hotel guests to get acquainted with numerous kinds of natural soap, made according to the recipes of the Maya. Soap you can use during your stay at the hotel or to bring home as a souvenir. The range of flavors is varied, ranging from peach and lemon to chocolate and cinnamon.

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