Cannes 2015: the famous hotel Concierge

One of the main people star the residence shared the secrets of work

In the days of the legendary Cannes hotel Majestic Barriere is one of the main residences of celebrities. In the lobby of this iconic place, one can encounter a hurry on the red carpet Nicole Kidman, at the poolside restaurant to enjoy sitting at the table next to Antonio Banderas, and the spacious Hammam Spa Clarins complain of Cannes tube Sienna Miller. Well-trained staff of the hotel leaves no chance to vent his anger even the most extravagant customers, and it is not only perfectly ironed sheets and crisp, starched robes. During the festival maids clean 10,000 tuxedos and evening dresses in addition to 30,000 sq m (the equivalent of six football fields) and perfectly ironed shirts. During the marathon there is great demand for 15 000 bottles of champagne, 10,000 bottles of vintage wines, almost a ton of lobster, 350 kg of foie Gras and 50 kg of caviar, 250 kg of chocolate and 20,000 cakes of pasta. The restaurant serves a total of 25,000 meals, not counting the 36,000 cups of coffee and tea. In addition, 1400 croissants and 350 kg of fruits are waiting for guests each morning during Breakfast to the sound of surf and seagulls.

The whims of the stars and the powerful of this world here be performed by specially trained people — the so-called concierges, ready for the guest to get even a star from the sky. The image of the Almighty wizard in a perfectly tailored suit wopereis the Wes Anderson film “Grand Budapest”, and then from representatives of this profession expect and even more. To detain the aircraft to give you time to get rid of the consequences of drinking champagne by the pool? The Concierge will make every effort. To get girls rare bag Hermes? Will be executed! Fresh flowers at four in the morning to the room? And it’s no problem! To raise beds with best doctor in town? Right now the doctor will come to treat your corn! Such requests fall on Concierge seven days a week, 24 hours a day. To perform their not difficult to the best members of a powerful trade Union “Golden keys” (Les Clefs d’or) — the organization that unites concierges of the best hotels in the world. Its President, and concurrently, the pride of the hotel Majestic Barriere Roger bastoni, shared the secrets of their work in an exclusive interview with SUPER. How did you start your career as a Concierge?

As a little boy on summer vacation I helped the team of concierges at the hotel Martinez, and I loved it. I graduated from the local French school and went to learn languages, by the way, has learned all European. Then I got a job in a London hotel, where he worked as a Concierge for ten years. After I missed the Cote d’azur and returned to France. In 1977 I was accepted for the position of Concierge at a legendary hotel Majestic. So here I have 38 years in the post.

Many Russians came to stay in your hotel this year during the Cannes film festival? In your opinion, the economic situation has affected the inflow of tourists from Russia?

It is impossible now to assess more or fewer visitors came than last year, because they all arrive and arrive. I can say that we are actively taking guests from Russia in large quantities and not feel the “winter” of the crisis.

Tell us about the most extravagant requests of the guests who you had to fulfill?

With this kind of stuff I come across quite often, but all, of course, will not tell. One guest, who lived in the hotel during the Cannes film festival, called me and said that he urgently needed: tuxedo, shirt, shoes, tie, cufflinks and watches. We went to his favorite store, bought everything, brought the tailor to customized all size. The next day at the same time the guest called again and said that he needed: tuxedo, shirt, shoes, tie, cufflinks and watches. In General, he asked all the same as yesterday. I interrupted him and asked: “What happened, I did something wrong, we all bought yesterday”. He replied: “no, No, it’s okay. I just need another set of clothes, everything fits perfectly”. And we reassembled the set.

The next morning I came to the hotel and saw a crying girl. I said, “what’s the problem?” She replied that she had to buy things for his boss: the tuxedo, cufflinks, shirt, watch, socks, shoes, but no store not working, because on Sunday, and her head soon embarks on a Grand Prix race in Monaco on a yacht. I told her not to worry and assured me that we’ll find it. We did it, and we even sent tailor the boat to suit villages. In the evening, when all the problems have already been solved, I asked her: “How long have you been working with your boss?” She said, “Two years, but I never saw him. But I know that he needs a new Tux every day.” Here are the requests! I don’t know whether to call them crazy.

How does the life of the hotel during the film festival?

Sparkles all around by flashing cameras and diamonds of our guests. The hotel attracts a huge number of people. We accept stars, famous Directors, producers, journalists. The film festival is the most important event for Cannes, and we are working on it with your hand flawlessly. However, as always.

Have you ever worked with celebrities?

Of course, I always try to make their stay as comfortable as possible, and all requests are executed at the speed of light. It is a great honor, when the stars are choosing our hotel and our service.

In your experience, what are your guests most often ask during the Cannes film festival?

I can’t say that any request popular, and some not. For us, the Concierge, every whim of the guest is unique. And we always make it work.

Tell us about the Association of hotel concierges “the Golden keys”. As it controls your work?

A good Concierge is necessarily marked with the Association on the lapels of the jacket two crossed keys. Now in 64 countries works Association “the Golden keys”. We have an international President, who is in control, I was for two years. Our main goal is to help each other. If my guest wants something from Paris, or, say, tickets for the concert in Rio, I’ll call my colleagues from the Association who work at the place, and they will always find necessary. Our strength is in our friendship, so we turn impossible, at first glance, the challenges in life.

They say that you can get a Chanel bag, which is not even sold in stores. What is your strength — in-the-money your clients or your relationships?

Of course, not the money — they spoil everything, and so it would be very easy. The secret is in the exclusive links. We are very familiar with luxury brands because our guests were their clients. If they can do for us, they do it, and we do everything to make our guests happy.

What about restaurants — how do you get places in institutions where there is full reservation?

It is always possible to find a table. If it is not eight o’clock, nine surely something will be released. Generally we are working closely with restaurants, they always make every effort to put our guests. Sometimes even an extra table.

What part of your job is the most difficult, and what is the most enjoyable?

It is difficult when we make mistakes. The most common is the loss of Luggage. The day we raise in the number of tens of Luggage of newly arrived guests. It happens that logistics is broken, and some bags don’t go to their owners. Enjoyable part of the job — the rest.

The SUPER special project “Cannes-2015” is currently in the news and the hot details of the largest film festivals on the planet.

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