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“In a luxurious setting land and water loomed the mountains of the Peloponnese. Serenity, splendor, and kingship; the words jammed, but the rest of us no good”. (J. Fowles)

Here, in a picturesque corner of the Peloponnese, is situated a new luxury hotel network, Aman — e Amanzo’five-star Resort, a secluded Paradise on the shores of the Aegean sea.

Amanzo’e Resort, probably one of the best works of the legendary American architect ed Tuttle, the master refined styling, capable of apprehending the historical and cultural context of the area. Inspired by classical Greek architecture, tuttle has created a hotel like a small ideal city, similar to the Athenian Agora.

The main building, like a modern day Acropolis with high ceilings and marble columns, stands in a delightful garden filled with olive trees and fragrant lavender. Thirty-eight intimate rooms-villas, located at different heights, have their own plunge pool and large terrace with stunning views of olive groves and the cobalt-blue sea. All rooms have modern open plan living. Located next to villas with pools are larger in size and more bedrooms, intended for sale in the property.

The decoration dominant role peloponnesianwar and natural wood of valuable breeds. The marble used here not only for exterior but also for interior decor: made from walls, floors, headboards, tables and shelving. Accents — wood, leather and painted pottery. Noble materials create a soft palette, perfect for relaxation and recreation.

The hotel grounds are also noteworthy. Comfortable space includes a luxurious pool, open sun terraces, shaded pavilions and even a small amphitheater is the center of outdoor entertainment.

In the main building Amanzo’e Resort is home to two restaurants, a lounge bar, a library and a unique Spa complex. The culinary team of the hotel works closely with a group of local farmers and winemakers, showcasing the diversity of Mediterranean cuisine using the best local organic produce. Luxurious Aman-SPA has 7 treatment rooms, 2 hammams, a gym, a yoga and Pilates Studio. Beach club, located a 10-minute drive or 30 minute leisurely walk from the hotel.

Amanzo’e is an ideal starting point for exploring the natural beauty, coastal pleasures and ancient heritage of the Peloponnese region, is rightly called the cradle of European civilization.

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