An unusual hotel in Singapore offers relaxing on the sky

Today, Singapore is one of the most developed countries not only in Asia but in the world, which is a major financial, trading and transportation center.

Singapore holidays — more likely to understand: basically tourists come here, have already visited many exotic countries in search of something “new” and business — to business exhibition. This impressive city-state, occupying one large island and several small islets, and their hotel complexes.

One such resort and hotel complex Marina Bay Sands located in Singapore. He is so unlike all other hotels and buildings of its class that it can rightly be called the most unusual hotel in the world. In addition to outstanding solutions embodied in the construction process, the Marina Bay Sands hotel can be called one of the most expensive structures.

This is not surprising because the implementation of design solutions of this kind requires huge investments. However, investors do not skimp and have invested nearly eight billion Singapore dollars.

Having considered the influx of tourists who want to plunge into gambling, there legalized, investors planned to profit from casino as a billion dollars a year that would allow five years to fully recoup the construction costs.

Marina Bay Sands – one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the construction of which has been the company Las Vegas Sands.

The Marina Bay Sands is a by and large a huge casino, and consists of three huge towers with a height of fifty-five floors each.

Inside the complex is a 5-star hotel with 2560 rooms, exhibition halls, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, theater room, 50 Banquet and conference halls, of 2,000 exhibition booths, a kids club, a fitness club, 2 theaters, an ice rink, Spa facilities and the world’s most expensive casino with 500 gaming tables and 1600 machines.

There is also a water-filled canal, something like Venice, on which gondolas and thrown him over a footbridge. About the hotel built office and retail spaces under corrugated roofs.

Order to attract potential customers, the Marina Bay Sands decided to decorate a miracle of light. Three 200-meter towers is a huge three-deck ship named “sky Park” area of 12 400 sq. m.

On the upper deck, at a height of 200 meters, is a huge 150-meter swimming pool with waterfall — the largest swimming pool under the open sky, as well as bars, restaurants and the Museum of modern art. From a distance it seems like a giant ship rises above the waves at 200-meter height.

In addition to the pool, on the roof of the complex there are gardens. The creators of Marina Bay Sands as if brought back to life one of the seven wonders of the ancient world — the hanging gardens of Babylon.

The hotel is located in the city centre, just 3 km from downtown Shenton Way and a 15-minute walk from Merlion Park. Changi international airport is a 20-minute drive from the hotel. The hotel has direct access to the excellent shopping centre of Singapore.

Rooms at the Marina Bay Sands hotel feature modern dark wood furniture and include a flat-screen cable TV. On carpeted floors. From the floor-to-ceiling Windows offer stunning panoramic views of Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands is located near Bayfront MRT station and steps from the lively Central business district.

The sky Park features landscaped grounds and an observation deck located on top of 3 towers. Guests can relax and enjoy a cocktail by the infinity pool or enjoy a relaxing massage at the world-renowned Spa the Banyan Tree.

At Marina Bay Sands also features several fine restaurants, including Waku Ghin and Guy Savoy. Serves the famous chef. In addition, guests can have fun all night at the dance club, or relax in any of the 3 Lounges.

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